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The Apocalyptic Imagination: An Introduction to Jewish Apocalyptic Literature

26th January 2013 Christian Books 0 Comments
This book evokes an imaginative world that is set in deliberate counterpoint to the experiential world of the present. Apocalypticism thrives especially in times of crisis, and it functions by offering a resolution of the relevant crisis, not in practical The Apocalyptic Imagination: An Introduction to Jewish Apocalyptic Literature (Biblical Resource) ...
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Byron: Life and Legend World Literature Italian Fiona MacCarthy Faber & Faber Ltd

5th January 2013 History Books 0 Comments
While biographies of Byron have appeared with regularity since his death in 1824 at age 36, British author MacCarthy's (William Morris: A Life for Our Time) engrossing, coolly perceptive study of the Romantic poet is notable for its refusal to swoon over Byron's legend while still attuned to the evolution of his powerful personality and its impact on the world of art and literature. She notes how Byron went from being a mediocre student mocked by other boys to a charismatic leader of his peers and an extraordinarily well-read young man (though he read in secret, "to keep up his pose of ...
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La Dame Aux Camelias Pocket Fils Dumas

21st November 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
Elle laimait, elle en tait aime mais la biensance et la mort la sparrent de lui.Ce roman, dont Alexandre Dumas fils tira aussi un drame, est inspir de lexistence authentique de Marie Duplessis. Merveilleusement belle et intelligente, cette courtisane fut adore du Tout-Paris et de lauteur lui-mme. Il dut renoncer elle, car il ntait pas assez riche. Verdi fit de ce drame un opra sublime, La Traviata, que Franco Zeffirelli filma avec grand art.Armand et Marguerite vivent un amour immense qui survit tous les obstacles et toutes les tromperies. Le pre dArmand interdit cet amour inconvenant. ...
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Women Writing in India: 600 B.C. to the Present II: The Twentieth Century World Literature Asian Susie Tharu The Feminist Press at CUNY

18th November 2012 History Books 0 Comments
Thorough and challenging, this collection of fiction, poetry, drama and autobiography examines both continuities and departures in the writing of India's expanding class of women of letters during the period 1905 to present. The editors also provide extensive background on this century's literary movements and political and social upheavals and developments and their impact on the evolution of the emerging Indian feminist literary voice. Hajira Shakoor's tale charts the recent changes in families that have resulted from the spread of ideas through the mass media, particularly movies. ...
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The Crow Eaters: A Novel World Literature Indian Bapsi Sidhwa Milkweed Editions

16th November 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
A hit in England when first published in 1983, Sidhwa's first novel is a riotous mix of barnyard humor and a loving portrayal of the Parsi, the ancient Persian people who migrated to India centuries ago. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. As his ox-drawn cart labors north, Faredoon Jungelwalla has no destination in mind. He just has faith, as all Parsees have, that he will know it when he sees it. And in Lahore his faith is rewarded. Inspired by the small Parsee community rushing to greet him, he ...
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Abeng World Literature Caribbean Michelle Cliff Plume

15th November 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
The beauty and authority of her writing are coupled with profound insight. Toni Morrison Her keen eye for detail and pithy anecdotal descriptions bring Jamaicas present and past to life. The New York Times Book Review Powerful and often lyrican important work. Library Journal Michelle Cliff was born in Jamaica and is the author of three acclaimed novels: Abeng, its sequel, No Telephone to Heaven, and Free Enterprise. She has also written two collections of short stories, Bodies of Water and The Store of a Million Items, and two poetry collections. A lyrical coming-of-age story ...
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Rameau’s Nephew and D’Alembert’s Dream World Literature European Denis Diderot Penguin Classics

14th November 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
Text: English, French (translation) Denis Diderot was born at Langres in eastern France in 1713. After graduating in Paris in 1732, he was nominally a law student for ten years, but was actually leading a precarious bohemian but studious existence. In the early 1740s he met three contemporaries who were of great significance to him and to the age: a'Alembert, Condillac and Rousseau, who assisted Diderot in the compilation of the Encyclopedie, which he worked on until its completion in 1773. Interested in the mind-body dichotomy, his work was a bold mixture of science and ...
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Thousand Cranes Vintage Yasunari Kawabata

13th November 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
With a restraint that barely conceals the ferocity of his characters' passions, one of Japan's great postwar novelists tells the luminous story of Kikuji and the tea party he attends with Mrs. Ota, the rival of his dead father's mistress. A tale of desire, regret, and sensual nostalgia, every gesture has a meaning, and even the most fleeting touch or casual utterance has the power to illuminate entire lives--sometimes in the same moment that it destroys them. Translated from the Japanese by Edward G. Seidensticker."A novel of exquisite suggestibility...and a story that is ...
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Heart and Soul Anchor Reprint edition Maeve Binchy

25th October 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
With the warmth, humor, and compassion we have come to expect, Maeve Binchy tells a story of doctors and staff, patients, family, and friends at a heart clinic in a community caught between the old Ireland and the new.Dr. Clara Casey agrees to take on the seemingly thankless task of establishing a clinic with little funding—for a year. With her own plate full—two troublesome grown daughters and a needy ex-husband—she is still able to gather a wonderfully diverse and dedicated staff. And before long she has done the impossible, made the clinic a success and a aprt of the community. Now ...
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Runaway Horses Vintage Yukio Mishima

22nd October 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
The chronicle of a conspiracy and a novel about the roots and nature of Japanese fanaticism in the years that led to war--an era marked by depression, social change and political violence. Text: English (translation) Original Language: Japanese The chronicle of a conspiracy and a novel about the roots and nature of Japanese fanaticism in the years that led to war--an era marked by depression, social change and political violence. Runaway Horses ...
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