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Sit Down God… I’m Angry

22nd December 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
Pastor R. F. Smith, in this personal account of the death of his son, admits his anger at God, relates the long journey of dealing with this anger, and details the process of making a pilgrimage to the place where he could live, work, and love again. Sit Down God... I'm Angry ...
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Spiritual Care for Persons With Dementia: Fundamentals for Pastoral Practice Ministry & Church Leadership Ministry to Sick & Bereaved

27th November 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia explores spirituality in those with dementia to enrich our understanding of the neurological and psychological aspects of hope, prayer, and the power of belief. You will discover how your ministry is vitally relevant to the clinical well-being and quality of life of people with Alzheimer's disease. Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia provides you with a model spiritual care program for long-term facilities that supplies you with ideas you can implement in your own ministry.You will learn to avoid cognitive pastoral care method that can be hurtful ...
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Nursing with the Hands of Jesus: A Guide to Nursing with Divine Mercy Ministry & Church Leadership Church Materials

28th October 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
Sold in 5-packs. A spiritual guide on how to use The Divine Mercy message and devotion for all those who care for the sick.Nursing with the Hands of Jesus: A Guide to Nursing with Divine Mercy (5-pack) Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers ...
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Theology of Christian Counseling A Ministry & Church Leadership Pastoral Counseling

11th October 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
A Theology of Christian Counseling connects biblical doctrine with practical living. Salvation, that central concern of Protestant theology, is often too narrowly defined. It is thought of as 'being saved from the consequences of sin.' But God is doing much more. He is making something new out of the old sinful nature. He is, in Christ, making new creatures. 'No counseling system that is based on some other foundation can begin to offer what Christian counseling offers. . . . No matter what the problem is, no matter how greatly sin has abounded, the Christian counselor's stance is struck by ...
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The Marriage Builder Ministry & Church Leadership Pastoral Counseling

21st September 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
Psychologist Larry Crabb cuts to the heart of the biblical view of marriage: the 'one-flesh' relationship. He argues convincingly that the deepest needs of human personality -- security and significance -- ultimately cannot be satisfied by a marriage partner. We need to turn to the Lord, rather than our spouse, to satisfy our needs. This frees both partners for 'soul oneness,' a commitment to minister to our spouse's needs rather than manipulating them to meet our own needs. With 'soul oneness' comes renewed 'body oneness,' where couples enjoy sexual pleasure as an expression and outgrowth ...
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When Teens Pray: Powerful Stories of How God Works Ministry & Church Leadership Youth Ministry

11th August 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
When Teens Pray richly demonstrates how God has intervened as teenagers have sought Him. Each chapter features true-life stories of the power of teens' prayers as they intercede for their high schools, families, and friends; as they pray on the mission field; and as they deal with the struggles of adolescence. "God links" -- dynamic prayer strategies supplied throughout the book -- help the reader connect with God. These amazing stories demonstrate that teenagers don't have to finish college or go to seminary for God to use them; they can impact their world and see their own lives changed as ...
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The Christian Life Profile Assessment Tool Training Kit: Discovering theQuality of Your Relationships with God and Others in 30 Key Areas Ministry & Church Leadership Church Materials

25th July 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
This comprehensive discipleship tool kit enables churches to assess the Christian beliefs, practices, and virtues of each member to help everyone grow. The training kit is based on the 'Thirty Core Competencies' as outlined in the book The Connecting Church, also by Pastor Randy Frazee. These thirty core competencies help churches know when they are making progress in guiding their members toward Christ-likeness. Each of the four sessions contains components such as video, lecture, leader-led discussion, large group discussion, and small group discussion. Individuals answer 120 questions ...
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A Decembered Grief: Living with Loss While Others are Celebrating Ministry & Church Leadership Pastoral Counseling

11th July 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
This special gift book edition of bestseller A Decembered Grief is designed to guide you on a journey beyond grief. Harold Ivan Smith will teach you how to alter traditions instead of abandoning them, appreciate the grief styles of others, and befriend your grief instead of dread it. Suffering the loss of a loved one at any time of the year is difficult, yet during the holidays or special occasions, those grieving experience a more intense sense of loss. The world is moving forward and celebrating life and all its blessings, yet for grievers, a darkness pervades the holiday. This book is an ...
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Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion Ministry & Church Leadership Church Institutions & Organizations

24th June 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
Why We Love the Church presents the case for loving the local church. It paints a picture of the local church in all its biblical and real life guts, gaffes, and glory in an effort to edify local congregations and entice the disaffected back to the fold. It also provides a solid biblical mandate to love and be part of the body of Christ and counteract the "leave church" books that trumpet rebellion and individual felt needs. Why We Love the Church is written for four kinds of people - the Committed, the Disgruntled, the Waffling & the Disconnected.Why We Love the Church: In ...
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The Wounded Healer: Ministry in Contemporary Society Ministry & Church Leadership Ministry

18th June 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
The Wounded Healer is a hope-filled and profoundly simple book that speaks directly to those men and women who want to be of service in their church or community, but have found the traditional ways often threatening and ineffective. In this book, Henri Nouwen combines creative case studies of ministry with stories from diverse cultures and religious traditions in preparing a new model for ministry. Weaving keen cultural analysis with his psychological and religious insights, Nouwen has come up with a balanced and creative theology of service that begins with the realization of fundamental ...
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