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Battle Royale: The Novel Haika Soru 2nd edition Koushun Takami

24th April 2013 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
In an alternative future Japan, junior high students are forced to fight to the death! L to R (Western Style). Koushun Takami's notorious high-octane thriller is based on an irresistible premise: a class of junior high school students is taken to a deserted island where, as part of a ruthless authoritarian program, they are provided arms and forced to kill one another until only one survivor is left standing. Criticized as violent exploitation when first published in Japan--where it then proceeded to become a runaway bestseller--Battle Royale is a Lord of the Fliesfor the 21st century, a ...
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A Walk to Remember Grand Central Publishing Nicholas Sparks

12th April 2013 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
There was a time when the world was sweeter....when the women in Beaufort, North Carolina, wore dresses, and the men donned hats.... Every April, when the wind smells of both the sea and lilacs, Landon Carter remembers 1958, his last year at Beaufort High. Landon had dated a girl or two, and even once sworn that he'd been in love. Certainly the last person he thought he'd fall for was Jamie, the shy, almost ethereal daughter of the town's Baptist minister....Jamie, who was destined to show him the depths of the human heart-and the joy and pain of living. The inspiration for this novel came ...
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A Radical Incarnation: Global 13 Publishing Colin C. Tipping

16th March 2013 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
An amusing, tongue-cheek story about a soul being prepared for his life mission which is to become the President of the U.S., achieve enlightenment, heal America and awaken Humanity to itself. The inference is that GWB could be him. At the same time it has a very serious message about how we can create world peace if we use the technology of Radical Forgiveness to raise the overall vibration of the people and create a world of forgiveness by 2012. Colin Tipping is an award-winning author, international speaker, workshop leader and the recognized authority on Radical Forgiveness. ...
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Rules of Civility: A Novel Viking Adult 1 edition Amor Towles

12th March 2013 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
Unabridged, 10 CDs, 11 1/2 hours Read by Rebecca Lowman A sophisticated and entertaining debut novel about an irresistible young woman with outsized dreams. Amazon Best Books of the Month, August 2011 Set during the hazy, enchanting, and martini-filled world of New York City circa 1938, Rules of Civility follows three friends--Katey, Eve, and Tinker--from their chance meeting at a jazz club on New Year's Eve through a year of enlightening and occasionally tragic adventures. Tinker orbits in the world of the wealthy; Katey and Eve stretch their few dollars out each evening on the town. ...
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Once Upon a Time: On the Nature of Fairy Tales Indiana University Press Max Luthi

1st January 2013 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
This first paperback edition of the seminal work by the Swiss scholar Max Lthi will be welcomed by folklorists for its informative survey of the various ways in which fairytales and related genres (local legends and saints' lives) may be read."Lthi's lucid and intelligent book is refreshingly welcome." -- Sewanee Review Text: English (translation) Once Upon a Time: On the Nature of Fairy Tales ...
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Holding Their Own: A Story of Survival Joe Nobody

11th December 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
In the year 2015, the world is burdened by the second Great Depression. The United States, already weakened by internal strife, becomes the target of an international terror plot. A series of attacks results in thousands of casualties and disables the country's core infrastructure. The combination of economic hardship and the staggering blow of the terror attacks results in a collapse of the government. This is a realistic story of how an average, middle class couple survives the cascading events brought on by international politics, high tech military actions and the eventual downfall ...
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Earthfire: A Tale of Transformation

20th November 2012 Christian Books 0 Comments
A compelling metaphysical adventure story that weaves the threads of ancient and modern oracles, alien encounters, near death experiences, the collective mind, the power of breath and the startling prophecies which have foretold this time of destiny. Simmons' first foray into fiction comfortably mixes mystery and personal quest. There's a nice dose of levity as metaphysical shopkeeper Will Lerner and his wife, and a few good friends are drawn toward the Earthfire, trailed by some lessthatenlightened thugs. -- NAPRA ReVIEW- Matthew GilbertThe author's visionthat the world is ...
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Handbook of Chinese Mythology Oxford University Press USA Lihui Yang

4th September 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
Every year, at the Wa Huang Gong temple in Hebei Province, China, people gather to worship the great mother, Nuwa, the oldest deity in Chinese myth, praising her for bringing them a happy life. It is a vivid demonstration of both the ancient reach and the continuing relevance of mythology in the lives of the Chinese people. Compiled from ancient and scattered texts and based on groundbreaking new research, Handbook of Chinese Mythology is the most comprehensive English-language work on the subject ever written from an exclusively Chinese perspective. This work focuses on the Han Chinese ...
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Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night: James Penney’s New Identity\Operation Northwoods\Epitaph\The Face In The Window\Empathy Mira James Grippando

31st August 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
Featuring North America's foremost thriller authors, Thriller is the first collection of pure thriller stories ever published. Offering up heart-pumping tales of suspense in all its guises are thirty-two of the most critically acclaimed and award-winning names in the business. From the signature characters that made such authors as David Morrell and John Lescroart famous, to four of the hottest new voices in the genre, this blockbuster will tantalize and terrify. Lock the doors, draw the shades, pull up the covers and be prepared for Thriller to keep you up all night. Starred Review. The ...
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The Oxford Guide to Arthurian Literature and Legend Oxford University Press USA Alan Lupack

30th August 2012 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments
The Oxford Guide to Arthurian Literature and Legend is both a critical history of the Arthurian tradition and a reference guide to Arthurian works, names, characters, symbols, and places. Seven essays offer a comprehensive survey of the legends in all of their manifestations, from their origins in medieval literature to their adaptation in modern literature, arts, film, and popular culture. It also demonstrates the tremendous continuity of the legends by examining the ways that they have been reinterpreted over the years. The indispensable reference on the subject, it also contains ...
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