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Race in Another America: The Significance of Skin Color in Brazil Americas South America Brazil Edward E. Telles Princeton University Press

20th May 2013 History Books 4 Comments
This is a blockbuster of a book. To a topic--Brazilian race relations--historically fraught with ambiguity, uncertainty, and disagreement, it brings clarity, logic, and lucidity, not to mention several truckloads of data. The result is the most important work on race in Brazil since Gilberto Freyre's seminal The Masters and the Slaves (1933). . . . The clarity and lucidity of Telles's findings, and the wealth of data on which they are based, make this book a genuine tour de force, and the most illuminating examination of Brazilian race relations that I have ever read. -- George Reid ...
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Partners in Conflict: The Politics of Gender Sexuality and Labor in the Chilean Agrarian Reform 1950&ndash1973 Americas South America Chile Inderpal Grewal Duke University Press Books

17th May 2013 History Books 5 Comments
“Partners in Conflict is a rich and complex narrative of social and political change, backed by deep research and theoretical insights into questions raised by feminist scholarship having to do with sexuality, gender, and patriarchy. It will become a landmark in women’s history, the history of peasants and rural society, and the history of labor in Latin America.”—Thomas Miller Klubock, author of Contested Communities: Class, Gender, and Politics in Chile’s El Teniente Copper Mine, 1904–1951“Combining the highest achievements of social history with oral testimony, ...
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The Spectacular City: Violence and Performance in Urban Bolivia Americas South America Bolivia Daniel M. Goldstein Duke University Press Books

16th May 2013 History Books 21 Comments
“The Spectacular City is a highly original contribution to the ethnography of law, violence, and the state. Goldstein explores the connections between localism and violence both as situated action and as genres of performance, resulting in a nuanced analysis of politics between state and nonstate forms.”—Carol Greenhouse, coeditor of Ethnography in Unstable Places: Everyday Lives in Contexts of Dramatic Political Change“Fascinating and rich in ethnographic detail, The Spectacular City is particularly important at this moment because it examines the increase in common crime that ...
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Heading South Looking North: A Bilingual Journey Americas South America Chile Ariel Dorfman Penguin

15th May 2013 History Books 16 Comments
Ariel Dorfman is no stranger to exile. Before his 30th birthday, he had fled with his parents (Jews who had escaped from Eastern Europe) from Argentina to the U.S. and then later to Chile. Then, following a military coup, he fled Chile for a stint in Europe before returning to the U.S. For Dorfman, this was not traveling but enduring, as his forced movement between nations, cultures, and languages left him without a place to call home or a culture he could completely define as his own. Although heralded as one of Latin America's leading writers, he once renounced the Spanish ...
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Culture and Customs of Ecuador Americas South America Ecuador Michael Handelsman Greenwood

7th May 2013 History Books 3 Comments
Fourth in Greenwood's new series (see, for example, Argentina, LJ 11/15/98), this small volume on Ecuador is a synthesis of both English- and Spanish-language secondary sources covering the nation's rich and varied culture and its social customs. The plurinational (or multicultural) nature of Ecuador's history is reflected in its religion, literature, art, cinema, media, and performing arts, and the often tragic history of Indian, black, and mestizo cultures play an integral role in the book. In eight chapters, Handelsman (languages and literature, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville) provides ...
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The FARC: The Longest Insurgency Americas South America Colombia Garry Leech Zed Books

4th May 2013 History Books 21 Comments
"Using original sources and key interviews, this book serves as an invaluable guide that places the FARC, Latin America's oldest and largest insurgency movement, in its political, economic and strategic context." -- Dr. Doug Stokes, University of Kent at Canterbury"You may disagree with this book. But whether you believe that the FARC are terrorists, drug traffickers, the armed poor, freedom fighters, or just a group that has lost its way, Garry Leech's history of the guerrillas will make you view them differently - and may change your view of Colombia's long conflict and how it can be ...
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The Hacienda: A Memoir Americas South America Venezuela Lisa St. Aubin de Teran Back Bay Books

1st May 2013 History Books 20 Comments
A child bride leaves England for a life of unimaginable cruelty, isolation, and beauty in this memoir that reads like the most magical of novels. Married at the age of 17, Lisa St. Aubin de Terán hardly knows her Venezuelan husband Jaime--and learns Spanish only to find that he seldom speaks in that language, either. Nonetheless, he persuades her to return with him to his hacienda, a sugar-cane and avocado plantation perched high in the Andean foothills. Here, her romantic notions of South American life soon wash away in the constant drizzle; the hacienda lies in ...
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The Paradox of Plenty: Oil Booms and Petro-States Americas South America Venezuela Terry Lynn Karl University of California Press

26th April 2013 History Books 8 Comments
""The Paradox of Plenty . . . deserves to be placed at the top of our reading lists and should become a staple in courses on political and economic development."--"MESA Bulletin Terry Lynn Karl is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford University. The Paradox of Plenty explains why, in the midst of two massive oil booms in the 1970s, oil-exporting governments as different as Venezuela, Iran, Nigeria, Algeria, and Indonesia chose common development paths and suffered similarly disappointing outcomes. Meticulously ...
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Galapagos Wildlife 3rd Americas South America Ecuador David Horwell Bradt Travel Guides Third edition

19th April 2013 History Books 22 Comments
A super bookW.C.S.F.O. NewslineExtremely usefulTelegraph Travel The enchanting Galapagos Islands lie off the west coast of Ecuador. With no links to the mainland, the flora and fauna evolved in isolation, remaining undocumented until Charles Darwin's first visit on HMS Beagle in 1835. Galapagos Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide explores this World Heritage site to bring you a detailed guide to the islands' unique fauna and its varied habitats, both terrestrial and marine. Biologists, wildlife enthusiasts and adventurous travelers alike will find this an engaging and invaluable ...
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Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II Americas South America Brazil Ricardo Neto Osprey Publishing

16th April 2013 History Books 8 Comments
"This 48-page paperback book is illustrated throughout with previously unpublished photos and full-color illustrations by Ramiro Bujeiro. The images illuminate and complement the co-authors’ scholarly research. This book is a great source of information about a fascinating subject that is otherwise relatively unknown in the English-speaking world." -Toy Soldier & Model Figure (July 2011) Ricardo Bonalume and Cesar Campiani Maximiano are two Brazilian-based journalists and historians who have spent several years investigating this subject with the latter completing his PhD ...
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