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Changing Venezuela by Taking Power: The History and Policies of the Chavez Government Americas South America Venezuela Gregory Wilpert Verso 1 edition

11th July 2013 History Books 0 Comments
This fascinating studydeeply informed, penetrating in its analysis, comprehensive in scopeexplores the historical and socioeconomic roots of the Venezuelan initiatives of recent years, the conflicts they have engendered, the achievements and pitfalls, the animating ideals of a genuinely participatory society, and the prospects for realizing them in ways that, if successful, might have significant impact not only for Latin America but well beyond. (Noam Chomsky )Greg Wilpert knows Venezuela intimately and gives us the most thorough and objective analysis of the Chavez government's ...
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Brazilian Popular Music and Citizenship Americas South America Brazil Idelber Avelar Duke University Press Books

9th July 2013 History Books 0 Comments
“Idelber Avelar’s and Christopher Dunn’s book is not only an invaluable aid in understanding the complex relationship between culture and politics in Brazil. It also helps us to understand how culture and politics act together in forming our common future, and even suggests ways in which we as citizens might have a hand in determining how things turn out.”—Arto Lindsay, musician and artist“This book is quite important for understanding the significance of music in Brazil. It shows that music—as a complex social, cultural, artistic, and even political phenomenon—was part ...
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Lima: A Cultural History Americas South America Peru James Higgins Oxford University Press USA

6th July 2013 History Books 0 Comments
Lima boasts a Nobel Prize-winning author (Mario Vargas Llosa) and a wealth of lesser known poets and novelists, who have created its rich literary history. Higgins, an academic specialist in Peruvian literature, quotes extensively from these writers as he chronicles Lima's history from its founding by conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535 to the political gyrations of recent decades. Most of all, Higgins encourages readers to linger in Lima instead of rushing through en route to Machu Picchu. Both works will reward the traveler in search of a city's character. Gilbert TaylorCopyright ...
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Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians Americas South America Paraguay Pierre Clastres Zone

29th June 2013 History Books 0 Comments
In the early 1960s, the French anthropologist Pierre Clastres spent two years living among the Guayaki people of Paraguay, a tiny community of nomadic hunters whose way of life was quickly disappearing. When Clastres arrived in Paraguay, there were only 100 Guayaki left, and their culture seemed doomed by influenza and encroaching civilization. Clastres's description of his encounters with these people is respectful, self-aware, and written with great skill. Paul Auster (author of The New York Trilogy and the movie Smoke) translated the book from French to English in the late ...
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A Land of Ghosts: The Braided Lives of People and the Forest in Far Western Amazonia Americas South America Peru David G. Campbell Rutgers University Press

20th June 2013 History Books 0 Comments
"A fluent and highly intelligent book." -- Joe Kane, Orion Magazine "No writer I know so seamlessly and beautifully blends insightful science with powerful language. A Land of Ghosts is a staggering elegy for peoples and other species broken on the rack of dubious progress, a travelogue of the most engaging sort, and a testament to the acute sensibilities of one our greatest scientist-writers." -- Robert Michael Pyle"[The Brazilian rain forest] is . . . marvelously described and movingly evoked . . . Campbell offers what feels like a lover's last, lingering look." -- New York ...
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The Great Bridge Scandal: The Most Famous Cheating Case in the History of the Game Americas South America Argentina Alan F. Truscott Master Point Pr

11th June 2013 History Books 0 Comments
Alan Truscott, Bridge Editor of the New York Times since 1964, probably knows more than anyone else about the complex world of international bridge. Revised and updated, this new edition of 'The Great Bridge Scandal' tells the full inside story of the Buenos Aires affair, in which Truscott himself played a central role. In 1965, the bridge world was rocked by an accusation of cheating at the world championships in Buenos Aires. The pair involved were Britain's Terence Reese and Boris Schapiro, two of the world's best players. Now, almost fifty years later, the true inside story can be ...
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Ancient Tiwanaku Americas South America Bolivia John Wayne Janusek Cambridge University Press

1st June 2013 History Books 0 Comments
"...Janusek succeeds in synthesizing existing research on Tiwanaku in an impressively solid way...This book is a valuable contribution to Tiwanaku scholarship, setting a benchmark for the newer generation of students and scholars." --Mathieu Viau-Courville, Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia, UK In the first major synthesis on the subject in nearly fifteen years, John Wayne Janusek explores Tiwanaku civilization in its geographical and cultural setting. This fascinating book will appeal to upper-undergraduates, graduates and professionals interested in American ...
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Neither Black Nor White: Slavery and Race Relations in Brazil and the United States Americas South America Brazil Carl Degler University of Wisconsin Press

31st May 2013 History Books 0 Comments
“This is one of the most important books written on the subject of comparative race relations since Slave and Citizen [by Frank Tannenbaum]. Degler’s treatment of the nature of contemporary race relations is masterful.”—The Americas Carl Degler is Margaret Byrne Professor of American History Emeritus at Stanford University. He is also the author of several books including In Search of Human Nature: The Decline and Revival of Darwinism in American Social Thought. Carl Degler’s 1971 Pulitzer-Prize-winning study of comparative slavery in Brazil and the United States is ...
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Autos and Progress: The Brazilian Search for Modernity Americas South America Brazil Joel Wolfe Oxford University Press USA

28th May 2013 History Books 0 Comments
"Convincingly demonstrates an extraordinary range of cultural, social, political, and economic influences that increasing 'automobility' had on Brazilian society." --American Historical Review"Autos and Progress casts new light on an old subject--Brazil's struggle to become a modern nation. Joel Wolfe wonderfully blends the history of technology, business, consumer culture, and politics to show how the automobile and trucks played a central role in the integration and creation of the Brazilian nation. His book is a major contribution to Brazilian and Latin American history."--Marshall C. ...
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Poor People’s Politics: Peronist Survival Networks and the Legacy of Evita Americas South America Argentina Javier Auyero Duke University Press Books

24th May 2013 History Books 0 Comments
“At the level of most political science literature on urban poverty and clientelism, this work is genuinely pathbreaking. Combining the best of ‘thick description’ ethnography with a sense of more global processes at work in a society, Auyero uses the most up-to-date analytical frameworks to interrogate an object of study that has rarely—if ever—been so addressed. This is a book to be reckoned with over the next few years and beyond.”—Daniel James, author of Doña María’s Story: Life History, Memory, and Political Identity “Other people write about patronage ...
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