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Tabitha’s Travels: A Family Story for Advent

23rd December 2012 Christian Books 14 Comments

Curious, competent, and courageous Tabitha is the daughter of a shepherd who is taking his family on caravan to his birthplace. Along the way, she meets and becomes friends with Jotham and Bartholomew, watches as Romans take her father prisoner, spends time with Zechariah and Elizabeth, helps Mary and Joseph just before Christ’s birth, and ends her travels at the stable in Bethlehem.

Tabitha’s Travels: A Family Story for Advent

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  • Rivka
    3:21 on December 23rd, 2012
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    If you like being on the edge of your seat after every chapter then you will love all Arnold Ytreeide stories. At this point, he has four books out. My kids of all ages adore these books. We have read and reread them outloud together as a family. His new book is during the time period before Easter. Fabulous!

  • Sharn stupid
    3:38 on December 23rd, 2012
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    {From the Author’s website}

    It’s thirty years later and Jotham now has a son of his own. The smartest boy in Jerusalem, and inventor of many strange and wonderful machines, Amon has just turned thirteen — the age a Jewish boy officially becomes a man. But is he ready for that responsibility?

    Amon is torn between playing childhood games with his friends, and visiting the temple court, where only Jewish men are allowed. His life is further complicated when he must host Tamar, the daughter of his father’s friend, in Jerusalem for the Passover. But Amon’s life is completely ripped apart when his father is falsely accused of a terrible crime and sentenced to death. Amon thinks that only the cleverness of his mind can save his father. In the end, he must admit that he is powerless without God.

  • Alexander Rink
    4:27 on December 23rd, 2012
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    After reading some lukewarm reviews, and thoroughly enjoying Jotham’s Journey last Advent, I was apprehensive about including Tabitha’s Travels into our 2010 Advent activities. Also, with two 6-year old boys, I was skeptical that a book with a girl as the main character would hold their interest. No worries. They plead for us to read more chapters each night and really get into the adventure. I think that the author has done an amazing job of telling a realistic old story with vivid details that capture even the youngest of imaginations. Yes, there are some suspenseful moments and some violence, but hey, the Bible has some of these too, yes? These tense moments can easily be explained to younger children and used as a tool to explain real world events. We have appreciated the discussion at the end of each chapter to assist families in real life application of the lesson of the day. Our family only has the highest praise for all of Mr. Ytreeide’s Advent books and they have added a special richness to our celebration.

  • milam command
    6:28 on December 23rd, 2012
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    A wonderful book for the whole family for Advent. It is a great follow-up to Jotham’s journey.

  • Judy Cornelius
    11:14 on December 23rd, 2012
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    We’ve read all of the Christmas devotionals…and loved them. We’re not quite finished with Amon’s Adventure yet, but we’ve loved reading it as a family!

  • BrianPotter
    15:04 on December 23rd, 2012
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    What a blessing this book has been to our family! We have read Mr. Ytreeides other books at Christmas time, but this is our first year for having the Easter one. We have been reading it as a family each evening, and we all absolutely love it! Mr. Ytreeide writes in a manner that leaves you begging for more! His thoughtful insights for each devotional are inspiring as well. We strongly recommend adding this book to your Easter celebration!

  • Sharp Eye
    18:05 on December 23rd, 2012
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    I would recommend any book by Arnold Ytreeide! He is a masterful storyteller who weaves the story to always leave you wanting more. I am 21 years old and my family is reading through Amon’s Adventure for the first time this Easter. His books are engaging for the whole family…. We have read through Mr. Ytreeide’s 3 other Advent stories multiple times each and continue to look forward to reading them each Christmas. These are books that you will be able to enjoy with your family and pass on to your grandchildren. I highly recommend them!!!

  • opyate
    20:59 on December 23rd, 2012
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    I don’t leave a lot of reviews, but our family just finished this last night (Easter Sunday) and it was such a great read. We haven’t read any of the other titles in this series and this one stood on it’s own wonderfully. It was a great story full of excellent historical & geographical continent. We all learned so much. It really brought the Easter story to life for my kids and myself.

  • upjnirxa
    9:24 on December 24th, 2012
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    As you follow in the footsteps of Arnold’s popular Advent series, you will see that he always has a great way with words.

    In this book, thirteen year old Amon was enjoying playing with his friends but is ready to join his father Jotham in the temple court when his age allows. He want to be a man and he struggles between his friends and his family.

    On Palm Sunday he sees a crowd that had gathered for this special day but they were having to get away from the Roman soliders that were planning on killing both his father and Jesus. His father Jotham had been accused of a terrible crime, Amon is willing to give up his childhood days and try to save his father.

    Amon is there when he hears Jesus address the people and is present when Judas betrays our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    This book is broken down in chapters and is easy to use for the family devotion for Lent and goes through Easter Sunday. I do not know what Lent is as I am a Christian first but follow the Southern Baptist teaching. But I still enjoyed reading what a young boy saw through his eyes and the story that goes alone with it.

    This book was provided to me by the Children’s section of Kregel Pubications in order for me to do this review.

  • Mark Anderson
    16:25 on December 24th, 2012
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    Several years ago we started reading Jotham’s Journey during Advent to our family. As the rest of the trilogy for Advent was published we added them into our reading rotation. Now we have another excellent book to start a Lenten tradition with. We are 17 chapters into the book and each night during Lent we look forward to continuing our “Adventure” with Amon.

    If you are a fan of the Jotham series you won’t be disappointed with this new Lenten book. After all, Amon is Jotham’s son! The only change in this book is the reading schedule is not laid out for daily readings during Lent. It’s not hard to find a certain rhythm though while reading and stop at the appropriate times. We even skip a day sometimes and it seems to be working out just fine. We should finish the story in time for the last chapter to fall on Easter.

    We are so pleased with this new book and only hope that it too will be a trilogy!

    Andrea S.

  • JayDawg
    17:26 on December 24th, 2012
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    We had been waiting for Tabitha’s Travels to be reprinted and are so excited to have it. It is a perfect compliment to the other 2 books in the series!

  • Sanjay
    17:41 on December 24th, 2012
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    I bought this book after reading Jotham’s Journey before Christmas. After a quick overview, I don’t think this book will disappoint us over Lent. I’m excited to have this adventure with my kids!

  • David Little
    22:57 on December 24th, 2012
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    Most items for Advent are pretty dry. The authors mean well, but they don’t engage every age. This one, along with its partner books like Jotham’s Journey (awesome book) engage all of our children ages 18-1 when my husband reads it each night during Advent. Every day leaves us with a cliff hanger. Many days have funny things said by richly written characters that have us rolling in laughter. We had wanted Tabitha’s Travels after reading Jotham’s Journey, but for a while it was out of print, and going for over $60 on Ebay. As soon as I saw that it was available again from the publisher I snapped it up on Amazon. Don’t hesitate. I know you will love it, and will wind up recommending it to your friends, too.

  • Toddie Boy
    8:48 on December 25th, 2012
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    Our family absolutely loved Jotham’s Journey and have recommended it to many people. We were very excited to pick up Tabitha’s Travels, especially since we have several girls. The Christmas message is vividly displayed through Tabitha’s experiences as she meets Jotham and then travels with her father to try to find Jotham after they realize that the caravan with which they sent the boy has placed him in terrible danger.

    From the beginning Tabitha resents being a girl who isn’t allowed to do all that the boys are doing. She is very smart and has many good ideas, but several times she is the only one can can solve a problem, making her a heroine. Several times in the story, she “comes to the rescue”. Whereas in Jotham’s Journey, Jotham’s disobedience gets him into trouble; Tabitha disobeys but because it works out well, the disobedience is overlooked. Early on she thinks how boys would complain in her situation, but she doesn’t because girls have to learn not to complain.
    Tabitha’s desire to be treated like a boy was so strong that it overwhelmed other parts of the story for us. Not until she meets Zechariah and he gives her wonderful words of wisdom is this issue addressed properly in the book.
    Still a good story, but definitely not at the level of Jotham’s Journey or even Bartholomew’s Passage.

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