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Swedish SKF bearing NU3340 bearing

2nd September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Swedish SKF bearing NU3340 bearing
Prevent cylinder from roll sub bearing abrade the intersection of schedule maintenance and method, cause cylinder roll reason that sub bearing abrade early period in many aspects early period, summing up has the following five respects. The structural design is unreasonable including designs the error calculated; Structural design, size, precision are improper; The intersection of TIMEKN and the intersection of bearing and alloy material, plate layers of material, and bearing line with carry material, lubricating oil, choose improper, etc. The production technology has defects, sintering which includes TIMEKN bearing alloy of low quality of processing, roll milling and plating the plating and having defects, mechanical preparation method that lag behind etc. to reply the craft of layer of pouring, a pair of metal panel, the metallography organization, composition, performance and size precision of the sub bearing alloy material have not reached the designing requi rement to cause the cylinder to roll. The assembly craft is bad to include assembling the craft and lagging behind, the production management is uncivilized, lax; Have not reached the assembly precision designed originally to require after assembling. The break-in not scientific, inappropriate, will cause the damage in early days of axle bush before the diesel engine is dispatched from the fact ory. Use and maintain, maintain, good at, include operation regulation to be imperfect, maintain, maintain system to be tight, unless it operate by user neglect one’s duty, is it excessive overload, it wait for someone over the speed limit for or unexpected operating mode and environment is abominab le, etc. Involved the failing of lubricating oil by the other parts, the filter is chosen improperly or fails, the the intersection of bearing and flat or journal too big and out of shape, damages, shakes etc. will cause TIMEKN bearing to be damaged correspondingly. The cylinder rolls the sub bearing keeps fit: In order that with the original performance of the sub bearing of keeping the cylinder rolling of the good state as for a long time as possible, must keep fit, overhaul, in order to defend the accident already becoming a fact, the ones that guaranteed to operate are firm, progressing and consuming, economy. Had better keep fit corresponding machinery operates the homework norm of the condition, stop regularly. The content includes the inspection that monitors the state of operating, supplements or changes smooth pharmaceutical, dismantles regularly. Overhauling the item while operating, there are cylinders to roll rotatory sound, the states of the vibration, temperature, smooth pharmaceutical of the sub bearing,etc.. The overhauling of the bearing: The washing of TIMEKN bearing: While dismantling the lower bearing to overhaul, record the appearance of the sub bearing that the cylinder rolls at first, confirm the remaining quantity of smooth pharmaceutical, after the smooth pharmaceutical used for taking a sample to check, wash the bearing. As cleaner, use the petrol, kerosene ordinarily. Dismantle cylinder that come down, roll sub washing of bearing, divide thick to wash and not detailed to wash, put in the container separately, put the metal network and lag behind, make the bearing not contact the dirt of the container directly first. Thick wash, make bearing take dirt rotate, will damage cylinder, get away to roll surface the sub bearing, should look out. In thick to wash in the oil, use brush eliminate, go smooth lipoprotein, glue things, after bei ng roughly clean, change over to washing smartly. Wash smartly, rotate the side in washing the oil of the bearing, the same serious washing. In addition, washing the oil insists on clean frequently too. The overhauling and differentiating of the bearing: Whether in order to differentiate the cylinder dismantled to roll the sub bearing can be used, check after TIMEKN bearing is washed clean. Check, roll dishes of surface, roll surface, cooperate with the intersection of Taxi and state, insist the intersection of abrasion and state, the intersection of bearing and increase of backlash of shelf and have, have nothing to do the intersection of size and damage that precision lower, unusual. Small-scale ball bearing of taking leave of etc., take one hand the degree of support of inner circle, rotating the outer lane could confirm fluently.
Swedish SKF bearing NU3340 bearing

The name of product: Swedish SKF bearing NU3340 bearing new type: NU410M use: Large and medium sized motor, rolling stock, main shaft of the lathe, internal-combustion engine, generator, gas turbine, gearbox, rolling mill, shaking sifting and handling machinery,etc.. Type: Sub bearing of the cylinder roller

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