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Swedish SKF bearing lubricated skill

31st December 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Performance of antirusting
The oil used in the bearing must have result of antirusting, rust inhibitor can be insoluble in water. The oil should have good enclosing strength and forming a layer of oil films on the surface of steel products, even if slippery lipoprotein is full of water and can also be maintained.
Mechanical stability
The oil will be softened when machinery is processed, result in letting out. Acting as has vibrant application examples, the oil will be got rid of from bearing stand in the bearing. If mechanical stability of the oil is not enough, the oil will be got out outside the bearing constantly, in this way, will make the structure of the soap produce machinery disintegration and use the oil to destroy.
Oil seal
Oil seal to must protect bearing and lubricant in order to prevent, pollute while being outside, no matter incidental or moisture can’t permeate bearing through, so as not to cause and destroy. It is to give play to the important factor of longest service life of the bearing that correct installation is maintained. Must pay attention to clean degree of the bearing at the same time, exactness and exertion appropriate installation and maintenance tool that the bearing chooses. Must prevent not receiving bearing pollutant and the pollutions of moisture,it is must correct install and lubricate. Design, oil-sealed state, pattern of lubricant that the bearing is worthy of listing and lubricating cycle, even all act the role of the same importance in special maintenance.
Mix the oil
Don’t mix the oil unable to be inclusive definitely, if two kinds of incompatible oil are mixed, usually consistency will be softened, may cause damage because the oil is apt to run off finally. If you do not know the bearing originally use that kind of slippery lipoprotein, will remove the old slippery lipoprotein inside and outside the bearing first, can mend and add the oil.
Classification of the oil
Distinguish according to the temperature and condition of work: Oil can classify according to working temperature of their permission, consistency and lubricated ability of oil to receive working temperature, influence, the bearing operated at a certain temperature must be chosen there is oil of correct consistency and good lubricated result at the same temperature. The oil is made of different job temperature ranges, can divide into and use LT at low temperature , warm to spend MT Use HT with the high temperature Oil. A kind of oil is called EP able to bear pushing at the same time Or EM able to bear pushing and adding two molybdenum sulfide ,Plus additive in order to strengthen and lubricates the intensity of the oil film.
Choose the oil
If the mistake chooses all of oil to prevent the measure that the bearing damages it is in rain, choose one the intersection of oil and the intersection of base and the intersection of oil and viscosity of it can it offers enough lubricated results to be very important at working temperature, the viscosity is mainly influenced by temperature, it rises and drops with the temperature, it rises when the temperature drops. So must know the oil viscosity of base in the working temperature, the mechanical manufacturers will all usually appoint to use a certain oil, what most standard slippery lipoprotein can be used is in a very large range.
The following is several important factors of choosing the slippery lipoprotein:
Mechanical kind
Working condition, such as the directions of vibration and main shaft being the level or vertical
Bearing kind and size
Working temperature
Cooling situation
Working load situation
Sealed result
Speed range
Peripheral environment
If machinery equipment should be given play to the best state bearing and got correct working to the heart, and avoid the high temperature, moist and environment polluted very much.
Appropriate lubrication and protection plan, and the bearing state monitoring is to give play to the focal point of the bearing supreme life-span. May not result in when the bearing is damaged the expecting apparatus shut down. Even if is the shutting down of an hour, the failing ahead of time of because the bearing may cause enormous production losses. Want, guarantee the intersection of apparatus and the intersection of health and operation, except depending on the high-quality bearing, should notice operating environment, install and schedule maintenance correctly.

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