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Supply the needle bearing NCS1012 of British system | MR10N|HJ101812/SJ7133

29th April 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Needle bearing NCS1012/MR10N/SJ7133/HJ 101812 machines the ball track, according to ABMA18.2-1982, British system

Fw5/8inchFw15, 875mmD1, 125inchD28, 575mmC0, 75inchC19, 05mmm0, 11lbs quality m50g quality Cr3700lbf basic specified dynamic load, radial Cr16400N basic specified dynamic load, radial C0r3750lbf basic specified dead load, radial C0r16700N basic specified dead load, radial nG? l01/min

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