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24th September 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

? ? ? ? Linxi great to up to the intersection of hub and the intersection of pipe fittings and machine factory, build at 1998, lie in Linxi of Hebei collect the industrial area often, our factory is influential, large-scale, produce, research and develop in an organic whole, the professional manufacturer. Our factory mainly deals in and welds and encloses hub and related bearing, pipe fittings, tube festival, bearing, collar, pipe cavity pipe drawing alloy mould. The products are cheap, find a good sale in ancient temple of river, Ren Qiu, Tangshan, the Northeast, Anhui, Linyi, Sichuan and other places.

? ? ? For better service customer. Our factory in line with “meet customer’s demands,pursue being outstanding quality ” It is a policy, regard realizing a defect as the goal, offer high-quality products and service to user, make the products in leading position of the same trade, has gained the trust and support of the masses of customers. Insist the products popularize and produce the synchronous general policy of the after service. Looks forward to your presence!


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