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Supply and changing the limit of lubricant

26th November 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Lubricant is until duration lengthen,must new lubricant supplementary behind certain interval. Supplement the interval lubricated, according to the bearing form, size, rotational speed, bearing temperature and different needs of kind of lubricant are chosen different kinds.

The comprehensive manual which is imported the bearing records that there are supplementary interval and line chart of lubricant, please consult.

The change limit of the lubricating oil, according to the service condition of machinery, are for the oil method to wait for but the same, test such as according to perfomance analysis of lubricating oil Table 2 Show and can calculate general change limit and interval of the experiment frequentness.

Performance and exchange limit example of the lubricating oil of Table 1

Performance Exchange the limit Summary Engine oil Other oil

Viscosity change mm2/s in contrast to new oil Less than, 10- 15% 25% are the most suitable The emergence of acidifying degradation of less than 10%, alien oil is mix withed Volume of moisture content Under % 0.2 Possibility that 0.2 the following reuses again after dehydrating Undissolved part
Weight Alkane molecule of fifth % benzene % Under 1.0

Under 0.2 under 0.5

0.9 following the intersection of additive and carbon element abrade powder dust Precipitate value ml/10ml 0.1 following moisture content, dust foreign matter, metal abrade powder Total acid value KOHmg/g 2 of the new oil- 3 times are fetched higher value by additive Ash Under % 0.2 —Iron share in the ash Under % 0.1 —

Performance test frequentness of the lubricating oil of Table 2

Lubricated method While handing over item by item Ordinary rotatory condition *Abominable rotatory condition

The disc offers the oil law once every year Once every 6 months Soak the oil, the droplets offer the oil law Once every 6 months Once every 3 months Circulate and offer the oil law Once every 9 months 1- Once every 3 months

*The abominable rotatory condition is shown as follows

The condemnation of the moisture content, or it is obvious to mix with.

It is obvious that the mixing of dust particle,etc. is entered.

Rotate the temperature more than 120 degrees.

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