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Supply 6203-6208 deep ditch ball bearings

30th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Inferior the intersection of bearing and factory establish on 2007, lie in the intersection of Shandong and the intersection of Linqing and the intersection of city and the intersection of Tang and yuans of industrial park all, specialize in the experience after accumulating the bearing for many years, have advanced apparatuses, criticize and have higher quality-mind and outstanding personnel of the engineering level, are there complete production equipment, quality detection means of completion, ripe manufacture craft? ? Bearing varieties yes that our factory mainly offers, exterior sphere bearing, the bearing of the agricultural machinery, take the sphere bearing outside the stand. Bearing type; UC201-210 type ,SB; 203-208 type When. All inferior the intersection of bearing and bearing factory with sincere, letter and tight, hardworking, precise as spirit, offer high-quality products and service to customer, let customers obtain the most benefit in the cooperation with us! ?

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