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Steel of An’shan bearing introduces the accurate bearing of China’s biggest spaceflight

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

On the 22nd, an exciting good news comes in the national spaceflight engineering design manufacture unit, turn round and support the bearing to run well in production of the national ultra large-scale spaceflight apparatus in first super-huge high precision that the steel bearing Co., Ltd. of An’shan produces, and demand to organize producing the second set of bearings as soon as possible. Meanwhile, classify the steel bearing Co., Ltd. of An’shan as the related unit by fixed position of the national spaceflight project.

This set of super-huge high precision is turned round and supported the bearing to roll body to make up by internal and external ring and more than 2000, it turns the diameter round and reaches 6.2 meters, still belong to the first in China’s whole bearing production, it rotates precision and reaches 0.05 millimetres, hit China and turn the top which supports the bearing precision round, turn the new standard of precision which supports the bearing round after creating China’s spaceflight project. Success of this set of bearings is developed, not only has filled in the Chinese blank, it is the sign that the Chinese bearing technology reaches the world-lead level even more, make China possess and produce the ultra large-scale spacecraft and process the ability of the apparatus. At present, possessing in the world has Russia, U.S.A. only to produce the country that processes equipment capacity of such ultra large-scale spacecraft, success of bearing this develop, produce ultra large-scale spacecraft, process the apparatus, give security for China.

Turn round and support the bearing and can be developed successfully in super-huge high precision of bearing Co., Ltd. of steel of An’shan, come from the deep skill accumulation of this enterprise. This enterprise insists on going ” High-grade, precision and advanced, short run, many varieties ” Way, succeed in, develop warship canon fasten, answer a bearing as far back as 2000, capture the intersection of sea and the intersection of gunship and the intersection of big gun and the intersection of demand and high the intersection of size and precision, high to rotate precision, not low to start the moment, rotate the flexible technological difficult problem of bearing at one blow, fill in the blanks of China, the national sea gunship big gun turn the exclusive related enterprises supported round ready-madely. At present, the products of the steel bearing Co., Ltd. of An’shan involve a great deal of fields such as metallurgical mine, petrochemical industry, national defence war industry, nuclear industry, once formed a complete set for country’s significance such as gunboat, nuclear reactor and spaceflight project of PLA General Armament Department, navy, key item. The internationally recognized enterprises of enterprise, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan etc have established supply and demand relation.

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