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Steel ball producer of the bearing of Shandong

30th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The bearing steel ball is steel ball, steel section and special-shaped general term of grinding the body. It is divided that from appearance, can be divided into a perfect circle ball general narrow sense appellation , the intersection of capsule and ball, oval ball, the intersection of negative and positive and ball, clean shot, multiple ball, lack more balls ‘ There are nest holes on the body on the surface When.

The mode of production of the steel ball generally has forging, rolling, semi-solid state to shape and cast four big classes.

Chemical compositions can roughly be divided into the following 11 major kinds:

1,Chromium is resisted and rubed the casting iron ball;

2,The low-alloy steel resists and rubs and casts the ball;

3,The high alloy steel in China resists and rubs and casts the ball;

4,High manganese steel ball;

5,Half a iron ball of half steel;

6,Ball of manganese nodular cast iron in China;

7,Shellfish, horse’s shellfish reply the steel ball of the looks;

8,BAD, CAD resist and rub and cast the ball;

9,Special alloy casting iron ball;

10,The moisture-resistant law abrades and casts the ball;

11,The others cast the ball.

Steel ball producer sells the bearing of Shandong directly to households, long-term production and sales various types of various rank bearing steel ball, bearing steel tube of company, sealing the circle, cold upsetting machine mould of steel ball, quality guarantees, full service, hearty to welcome you to negotiate annual business, incoming telegram to condescend to inquire, expect cooperate sincerely with yours?
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