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SQ10RS ball head pole end joint bearing The producer supplies

30th April 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

It is that a speciality researches and develops, produces and manages the enterprises of the serial transmission components of rectilinear motion that the bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd flows in the purpose of Lishui, the products include the linear slide rail, the cylinder guide of straight line (accurate optical axis) , straight line bearing, straight line slip the unit, joint bearing, to the heart joint bearing,etc..
Company’s product quality is really up to the mark, apply to precision optical machinery extensively, various machinery and corollary equipment such as body-building apparatus, printing machinery, package packing machine, medical treatment and food machinery, woodworking machinery, fabrics machine automatic production line.
” Quality is the first, customer is the highest ” The eternal commitment the purpose flows. Welcome the domestic and foreign travelling trader to negotiate the business wholeheartedly. Our company will meet your requirement with high-quality products and fine service.
Hold the business opportunity, purpose flows the bearing wishes to make progress together with you, create brilliance.
First, pole end joint bearing: The oil lubricates the end joint bearing of the pole (SI30T/K, SA30T/K, PHS5, POS5) Wait for the series.
Lubricating the pole end joint bearing, the non-maintaining pole end joint bearing (SI10C, SA10C, SI6T/K, SA6T/K) Wait for the series

Second, ball head joint bearing: (SQ10-RS,SQZ8-RS,SQD12) Wait for the series.

Third, cylinder earrings: Locking the mouth pole end joint bearing of the tape (GIHR-K50DO, GIHN-K70LO, GK140SK, SIQG …ES,GK.. CK) Wait for the series. Welding pole end joint bearing (GF25DO,GK25DO) Wait for the series.

Fourth, to the heart joint bearing: The oil is lubricated to the heart joint bearing (GE25ES, GE30ES-2RS, GEG17ES, GEG40ES-2RS, GEEW35ES, GEEM40ES-2RS, GEBK8S) Wait for the series
Lubricating it to the heart joint bearing (GE17C, GEG20C, GE45ET-2RS, GEG70ET-2RS) Wait for the series

Fifth, straight line bearing: Model LM (LM8UU,LM20UUAJ,LM25UUOP) ,
LM adds long (LM16LUU) LME adds long (LME50LUU)

Sixth, take the flange straight line bearing: LMF6UU, LMK16UU, LMH30UU, LMEF25UU, LMEK30UU

Seventh, slippery one of straight line: SBR16UU,TBR20UU,SBR16LUU,TBR20LUU,SC20UU,SC20LUU,SCE16UU,SCE16LUU

Eighth, straight line guide: SBR, series TBR

Ninth, axle are supported: SK, series SHF

Tenth, round guide (straight line axle, the optical axis of straight line, optical axis) : Diameter 6 – diameter 60, the material has bearing steels, the steel of carbon, the stainless steel,etc..

11, bolt type gyro wheel needle bearing: CF3, CF4, CF5, CF6, CF8, CF10, CF12, CF16, CF18, CF20, CF24, CF30
12, ball silk pole SFU1605 SFU2005 SFU2505 SFU3205 SFU4005 SFU1204 SFU1604
電話 number: 15957808076,QQ: 990140246

The name of product: SQ10-RS ball head pole end joint bearing The producer supplies New type: SQ10-RS old type: SQ10 internal diameter: 10.0000( mm) External diameter: 37.0000( mm) Thickness: 50.5000( mm) Weight: 0.112( kg) Use: Engineering machinery Type: Joint bearing

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