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Spoiled form of the early bearing

29th April 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The bearing in the normal using process, because abrade until losing ability to work, finishing its life time finally gradually, it is different to avoid that this kind is damaged naturally. But if because engine assemble adjust improper and lubricating oil quality fine or the intersection of service conditions and factor such as being abominable cause the bearing to abrade or present various damage too early, it is the damage in early days caused artificially. Damage the service life when reduces the bearing not only greatly in early days, but also will influence the normal operation of the engine at the same time. According to find the experience of maintenance of diesel engine for a long time, the spoiled common form in early period of the sliding bearing has mechanical damage, cavitation erosion of the bearing, fatigue pitting corrosion, corroding,etc..

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