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Spherical bearing UEL209 outside the producer reaper UEL Bearing

24th August 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Our company makes mechanism of management and management measure of rigorous quality, guarantee with quality and after service, there are 120 staff now in the company, 80 various NC machine tools, 30 the whole self-acting grinding machines, 6 automatic assembling lines. In order to guarantee product quality, proceed with raw material, round steel all adopt the steel products in Shijiazhuang. From forging the bearing ring, through the lathe, dip in the fire, the grinding machine reaches assembling the finished product, inside is measured, get and wash packaging, and then go to the market to sell. Form and produce and sell a connected sequence. Welcome to ask for price and materials, post samples. Seriously promise our lowest price of uniform quality offers the high-quality bearing and after service of completion to the masses of customers wholeheartedly. Telephone number : 13220562000 13869131222

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