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Specialized inner release agent of reclaimed rubber of natural rubber of Long Wei LW359 nitrile rubber

24th August 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

LW-359 rubbery release agent (add the release agent in rubber) It is that one kind with greasy property adds the rubbery release agent to moisten mould strength inside, can improve the fluidity of sizing material, improve and demold, reduce the disqualification rate of the products, substitute the release agent for external use, raise the life time of the mould, lengthen the mould and wash spacing interval, improve rubbery products quality. The products property: The white particle powdery row material composition of the appearance formates surfactant actives, fatty acid metallic soap, organic monosomatous copolymer of low molecular weight, carrier admixtures. Safety performance: Nonpoisonous and tasteless, pollution-free, through 18 PAHSs in European Union REACH regulation, the harmful substance content measures and 38 high notes and one degree of materials(SVHC) The content is measured; The applicable glue is planted: NP, ZR, BR, SBR, NBR, CR, EPOM, FKM and reclaimed rubber,etc.. The products advantage: 1, This product makes the sizing material have better fluidity while sulphurating, are full of patterns and water caltrops of the mould easily, the intersection of forming and fine and smooth sleek surface among and the mould, reduce because poor substandard product that lead to the fact of fluidity; 2,This product makes the surface of the products film-forming, the products have round brilliant surfaces after demolding, it is anti-oxidant to improve, resist the full of cracks characteristic; 3,This product has good inner greasy property, make various rubbery additive dispersible, mix evenly; The operational reduction rubber of craft which improves the rubber glues the roller, does not influence the cohesion of products postprocessing of the kilowatt meter, process of printing etc.; 4,This product stretches the stress definitely, resist and stretch physical mechanical performance such as the intensity to the hardness of the sizing material, ageing resistance has not been obviously influenced; 5,This product and sizing material have extremely good compatibility, and the characteristic is steady, do not interfere with each other in sulfurizing the system. Operation method: 1. Join while mixing the sizing material with other rubbery materials together; 2.The consumption is added according to the proportions of 2-3 parts of crude rubber, the majority fills a prescription and uses 2.5, do not exceed 5 parts at most. Pack and store: 1, The compound bag packaging of brute force, the plastic bag of the inner liner, net weight 25KG; 2,Deposite in the shady and cool dry place, it is dampproof to pay attention to, keep for 24 months effectively. Contact Ms. Zhong 136 9985 2629 QQ 3249 658 917

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