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Special agent offer 6205 bearing 6205 size parameters

4th December 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Bart bearing ( Hangzhou) Key business of Manufacturing Co., Ltd divide into for make for engineering And brand management (OBM) Two major parts, take the place of workers and make the undertaking and mainly cooperate with global famous bearing brand, offer technological development, design to make; Mainly deal in Bart (Bart) in brand management undertaking Company’s independent bearing brand ” The secret service TG ” .

” secret service TG ” Take the lead in authorizing through ISO9001 international quality system, we firmly believe it is the fundamental guarantee of producing the accurate bearing that advanced production equipment and good product are accused of, the company has set up the bearing first-class in trade production equipment facilities in the world; First-class mechanism of management of production; First-class detection experiment, platform of research and development of products; The first-class one rubs ultra production line and automatic assembly line automatically, and set up the strict one from confirmation of materials procurement, process quality control, put in storage and examined a whole set of to check routine after all to the finished product, set up successive check, through the quality control of the initiative, have realized ” zero ” The fault, has guaranteed ” special TG ” Remarkable quality of the bearing.

6205N deep ditch ball bearing parameter, specification, 6205N (25*52*15mm)

Bearing type: Deep ditch ball bearing

Our country’s new type: 6205N

Our country’s old type: 50205

Internal diameter (mm) : 25mm ( 0.9843in)

External diameter (mm) : 52mm ( 2.0472in)

Width (mm) : 15mm ( 0.5906in)

Weight (KG) : 0.120

Basic specified dead load (kN) : 7.88 (804.08KG)

Basic amount moves load (kN) : 14.0 (1428.57KG)

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of the lipoprotein : 12000

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of oil : 15000

Deep the intersection of ditch and ball bearing, bearing load too little operate, will make ball and get away during dish producing and slipping, become the abrasive cause. Especially the ball and keeping a large-scale deep ditch ball bearing of large weight being prone to this kind. It is estimated that there will be loads that pass the little situation in using, should contact relevant personnel in time when choosing the bearing!

Reason for producing the corrosion

Under many circumstances, the corrosion phenomenon will take place in the bearing, there are a lot of reasons which causes the bearing corrosion, the most common one mainly has the following factors in our daily life. [3]

1)Because the seal installation is bad, invaded by moisture, filth,etc.;

2)Bearing need for a long time, exceed, antirust issue, scarce to maintain and maintain.

3)The metal surface roughness is relatively large;

4)Contact the chemical mediator with corrosion, the bearing can not be washed clean, the surface has filth that is stained with enclosing, or contact the bearing with sweat hands, after the bearing is washed, have not packed or installed in time, expose with the air for a long time, is attacked by air moisture and infected withes;

5)The ambient temperature and contacts various environmental mediums with the humidity; Rust inhibitor fail and quality accord with the requirement.

The name of product: Special agent offer 6205 bearing 6205 size parameters New type: 6205 old types: 205 internal diameters: 25( mm) External diameter: 52( mm) Weight: 0.128( kg) Bearing material: Carburization bearing steel (surface hardening type) Use: Common Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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