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Solve and roll key manufacturing technology of the body Realize the rolling bearing reduces and shakes noise reduction

30th September 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments


The bearing trade ” 15 ” The development planning outline has confirmed Chinese bearing trade’s overall development goal, mainly there are two tasks of research of technique confirmed, first, improve bearing life-span and dependability, second, roll the sub bearing reduces and shakes noise reduction. For rolling the body, ” 15 ” The focal point of tackling key problems is two major tasks of tackling key problems around the bearing, analyze manufacture level and quality level that China rolls the body conscientiously, to influencing the bearing life-span to shake the main factor of the noise, solve and roll key manufacturing technology of the body, cooperate closely with bearing factory, promote the quality of rolling the body in an all-round way, realize that the sub bearing reduces and shakes noise reduction to roll, raise life-span and dependability of the bearing.

Rolling body products level, quality level, equipment and detecting instrument level and detection method correctly, and abradant rubs having, frock and rubing and paring on the foundation that the situation of respects such as the liquid,etc. surveys and studieses, to roll the intersection of body and professional the intersection of manufacture and level and existing problem, put forward, roll body, need research of technique and measure taken that carry on.

2,Raise life-span and dependability of rolling the body

2.1 Roll the current situation of the body life-span outside China

It is second only to the inner circle and rank the 2nd in theory to roll impact on bearing life-span of the body, in the national bearing quality surveillance inspection center has supervised and spotted check life test in the past three years, roll body, destroy, it accounts for the invalid proportions of the series of the bearing to be: It was 80% in 2000, it was 36% in 2001, 31% in 2002, lower progressively, proportion still quite high, and foreign leading brand product the invalid proportion was lower because roll the body to destroy, even in some test, as zero.

The end of 2002 national the intersection of bearing and the intersection of quality surveillance and inspection center, until several life-span that bearing go on of type compare with the test result outside the China: Deep ditch ball bearing 6208, 6304, 6307, 6311 life test situations are, in four types and nine groups of bearings, a type is better than abroad SKF, NSK The sample, three pieces of type life-span are lower than the foreign sample; Reliability Re 6208, 6304, 6307 in China is below 90%, in 77 sets of Chinese bearings tested, 8 sets of bearings that the steel ball is invalid, in 73 sets of foreign bearings that are tested, the steel ball has not failed. Last nine groups what has been more test at the same timed motorcycle together by 63/28 bearing,K from 1-25,have 4 groups of K> 12s, 90% of Re>. The sub bearing K is 1.33- 3.65 that tapers tested roll, the reliability Re is 90- 99.99%. Can find out there is disparity to roll body life-span and dependability and foreign countries in China, but at the same time, through rolling the constant efforts of the body trade, had certain quality level.

2.2 Influence and roll the main factor of the body life-span

From result in, roll reason that body destroy, analyze, mainly:

1 Composition, mixed with and organize loosening and quality of the steel products of raw materials;

2 Roll the body hardness;

3 Roll the micro- tissue of body metallography;

4 Roll surface topography of body and quality;

5 Roll the stress state of surface of body;

6 Roll the surface of body and lubricate the membrane;

7 Roll the surface of body and rub and pare burning and a bit softer;

8 Roll the precision grade of body;

9 Son’s protruding type, protruding degree of values can not reach the designing requirement to roll;

10 Difference that the son divides into groups to roll.

2.3 Raise the countermeasure of rolling the body life-span

To influencing rolling the factor of the body life-span, the tissue rolls the professional manufacturing enterprise of body, scientific research institutions, universities and colleges and relevant enterprise, rolling body trade ” 15 ” On the foundation of the scientific and technological development plan, improve the quality of rolling the steel products of raw materials of body, adopt advanced rolling hot craft of the body, control and roll the micro- quality of hot work of organizing etc. of body hardness, metallography, develop and roll the strengthening machine of surface of body high-efficiently, canvass and strengthen mechanism and method, continue popularizing and rolling the surface of body and strengthening the craft thoroughly, optimize and improve and roll the body preparation method, strengthen and roll the surface topography of body and grind and cut the analysis and research of mechanism, strengthen and roll body surface stress analyzing and relevant research.

It is following with rolling jointly tackling key problems of key technology that the body life-span is closely related with to carry on especially:

1 Improve and roll body raw materials steel products quality and relevant technical research

2 Roll the craft of heat treatment of body to optimize and study with quality control

3 Roll the development of the strengthening machine of surface of body high-efficiently

4 Optimization and popularization rolling the surface of body and strengthening the craft

5 The resin emery wheel rubs optimization and popularization which grinds the craft of the steel ball

6 Roll the study on influence of bearing life performance of surface topography of body

7 Roll the body surface stress to analyze and study

8 Roll the surface infiltration of body and lubricate the formation mechanism of membrane to study

9 Roll the research of defective control theory and defective control method of surface of body

10 Roll the discussion of the test method of the body life-span and study

11 Son’s protruding degree of quantitative preparation methods is studied to roll

3,Improve and roll the grade of sub public errand, reduce and roll the son shakes

Reducing shaking noise reduction of ball bearing, through the bearing trade ” The Ninth Five-Year Plan ” The research of technique, has made the obvious result. Get away making a reduction of and shaking noise reduction of sub bearing, in the electromechanics trade at first, then require stricter and stricter in trades such as the car,etc., also more and more urgent. Compared with ball bearing, roll to reduce, shake noise reduction, work straight relatively more weak sub bearing, quality level has been ranging in low level, it is relatively big with foreign leading brand product disparities, the taper which the national bearing quality surveillance inspection center had finished rolled in the sub bearing shook and measured the test since 2000, spotted check 20 types together in 2000, shook 55% of qualification rate, spotted check 20 types together in 2001, shook 70% of qualification rate, spotted check 14 types together in 2002, shook 64% of qualification rate, but shook the acceleration and shook the speed in group Z, Z1, group V, compared with foreign SKF products, shake the bad first grade of the acceleration, it is lack of second to shake the speed. Roll sub the intersection of precision and China to be general in grades of level, some Ⅱ grade, foreign to roll sub the intersection of public errand and grade in 0 grades, grade, China rolls sub precision and foreign countries are lack of second at least, the sub manufacturing technology of rolling, respects such as the sub precision,etc. still need to do a large number of work to guarantee craft stability, improve to roll.

3.1 China roll son make subject problem and and foreign disparity of advanced stage that exist

3.1.1 Sub product design and craft are worked out to roll

Such respects as sub design, frock design, craft are working out and measuring the rules that China is rolling, constrainted by linear thoughtcast, there is disparity on design philosophy and design idea, lack the consciousness, serious and careful research and comprehensive analysis of system of innovative changes persuing, the design of the sub products basically remains at level of 50- 60 times to roll, the restriction of the apparatus, frock, raw materials, management level, process quality control ability and traditional habit leads to the fact at the same time that the sub production technology route is long to roll, the allowance is great, processing is all over several more than, there are many auxiliary processes, upper and lower material are many in number of times. A lot of the intersection of enterprise and design standard, rub, sharpen norm, change for many years, frock tool has not been improved for many years. It is relatively backward to cause the product design, the raw materials are wasted, the production cost increases, craft rationality is bad.

3.1.2 The son makes and equips to roll

Equipment and technological level of the needle are that bearing trades are most backward that the son rolls that China rolls, it is basically a level of 50- 60 times, diameter

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