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Slip bearing and rolling bearing pluses and minuses and bearing choice method

27th January 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Introduction: What is it separately to slip the bearing and pluses and minuses of the rolling bearing? How do we choose to slip bearing and rolling bearing?

Main position to slip bearing axle bush, large-scale to transform power plant whom apparatus use loud to slip the bearing, and slip general axle bush of the bearing and adopt in Palestine the alloy makes into, it softens and clicks, melts some all relatively low, it is very large with the contact area of the axle, but bearing load, shock attenuation are good, can bear impact load etc., if lubricating oil store need oil to be broken to drive when underpart their, so as to ensure the intersection of tiling and forming of oil film. Generally speaking stipulate the rolling bearing temperature does not exceed 80 ℃, it doesn’t exceed 70 ℃ to slip the bearing temperature.

The rolling bearing is usually made of chromium bearing steel, wear-resisting and is able to bear warmly, the rolling and rubing small resistance with contacting the Taxi partly of the bearing, but can’t usually bear impact load.

The rolling bearing is compared with slipping the bearing, have the following advantages:
1 . The coefficient of friction of the rolling bearing is smaller than to slip the bearing, transmission efficiency is high. The coefficient of friction that generally slips the bearing is 0.08-0.12, and the coefficient of friction of the rolling bearing is only 0.001-0.005;
2 . The rolling bearing has already realized standardization, seriation, universalization,etc., is suitable for producing in enormous quantities and supplying, it is very convenient to use and maintain;
3 . The rolling bearing is made of bearing steel, and pass the heat treatment, so, the rolling bearing not merely has higher mechanical performance and longer service life, and can save to make and slip the nonferrous metals of comparatively expensive price that the bearing used;
4 . The internal interval of the rolling bearing is very small, the machining accuracy of every part is relatively high, so, it is relatively high to operate the precision. Meanwhile, can enable the rigidity increase of the bearing by adding load in advance. This is very important to precision optical machinery;
5 . Some rolling bearings can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, so can simplify the intersection of bearing and structure to prop up flat;
6 . Because transmission of rolling bearing efficiency high, caloric value, little, so can reduce consumption of lubricating oil, lubricate and safeguard and comparatively save trouble;
7 . The rolling bearing can be applied to the space on uranium of any position conveniently.
Certainly, all things have two sides, the rolling bearing has certain shortcomings too:
1 . The ability to bear load of the rolling bearing is much smaller than the sliding bearing of the same volume, so, the radial of the rolling bearing is large in size. So, are bearing the occasion that occasion and requiring the radial size is little, structure of heave- load are demanding to be compact <such as internal-combustion engine bent axle bearing ,Adopt and slip the bearing more;
2 . Vibration and noise of the rolling bearing are relatively great, it is being particularly prominent on later stage that especially using, so, have very high expectations for precision, there mustn’t be vibrant occasion, the rolling bearing is difficult to be competent, it is better to generally select the result of slipping the bearing for use.
3 . The special sensitivity to foreign matters such as the metal fillings,etc. of the rolling bearing, enters foreign matter in the bearing, will produce greater vibration and noise intermittently, will also cause and damage in early days. In addition, the rolling bearing is mixed with damaged possibility in early days incident such as the quality because of the metal. Even not damage in early days, the life-span of the rolling bearing has certain limits. In a word, the life-span of the rolling bearing is a bit shorter than to slip the bearing.

Finish: The rolling bearing is compared with slipping the bearing, each have their own pluses and minuses, each occupy certain applicable occasion, so, the two can not totally replace each other, and develop towards certain direction respectively, expand the field used by oneself. However, because those of the rolling bearing stress the advantage, there is trend that the latecomers surpass the old-timers. Up till now, the rolling bearing has already developed into the main supporting pattern of machinery, more and more the more extensive to employ become too.

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