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SKF6301 bearing

28th July 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

SKF efficiency type major groove ball bearing characteristic

1,Rub and reduce at least 30%
2,Internal geometric shape of the optimization
3,Long life, the grease of low friction
4,Low friction seal or metal dust cap
5,Through the low friction retainer that is optimized, can improve greasy property

SKF major groove ball bearing advantage
1,Reducing always has cost
2,The energy is used and reduced
3,Lengthen the bearing life time
4,Reduce the operating temperature
5,More high rotational speed characteristic
6,The size is very compatible with standard bearing

SKF major groove ball bearing typical application
Electrical machinery, pump and air blower
Fabrics machine
Light conveyer used for carrying in postal service, luggage and food
Bulk cargo conveyer used for transporting at the mining area, port and power plant

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