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SKF sensor bearing BMO6206/064S2/UA008A original packaging normal product Handan imports the bearing office

26th September 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

The official website of the bearing:

Sensor bearing unit SKF, for monitoring rotating or state of the linear element accurately. These units: Compact

Firm and reliable

It is simple and installing at any time

The following is a brief summary about the comprehensive solution of SKF sensor. These solutions have already proved feasible in various industry and car have employed, such as electrical machinery, motor vehicle, road roller, farm tractor, forklift truck and conveyer.
Including the following typical application: The electrical machinery is managed

Change direction
Speed and position are sensory
Temperature and shaking sensorily

Bearing BMB-6202/032S2/UB008A BMB-6202/032S2/EA002A bearing of SKF sensor
BMB-6204/048S2/EA002A bearing
BMB-6204/080S2/UB008A bearing
BMB-6205/080S2/EB002A bearing
BMB-6205/080S2/UB008A bearing
BMB-6206/080S2/UB108A bearing
BMB-6206/032S2/EB002A bearing
BMB-6208/080S2/UB008A bearing
BMB-6208/080S2/EA002A bearing
BMB-6209/080S2/UB008A bearing
BMB-6209/080S2/EA002A bearing


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