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SKF original packaging 2307EKTN9 H2307 adjusts the heart ball bearing

31st January 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

1SKF is adjusting the brief introduction of heart ball bearing

SKF is adjusting the heart ball bearing

It was SKF that invented adjusting the heart ball bearing. The the intersection of SKF and bearing have two ball, outer lane have one common concave sphere get away dish. So the bearing adjusts the heart by oneself, the impact on China of receiving the axle relative to bearing case. It is especially suitable for producing the significant axle in those the bearing while bending or wrong employ the occasion. In addition, it is the lowest that SKF adjusts the heart ball bearing and rubs in all rolling bearings, like this, can keep lower temperature even under the high rotational speed.

What SKF made is having several kinds of designs to adjust the heart ball bearing. Specifically

Turning on bearing of general design

Sealed bearing

Open bearing

2SKF adjusts a heart ball of bearing products

1,General design

The general design SKF is adjusting the heart ball bearing

SKF had a cylinder hole to adjust the general design of the heart ball bearing, or brought a taper hole (taper 1:12) within the range of some size .

It was originally developed adjusting the heart ball bearing for the specific occasion of the paper mill that those of series 130 and 139 are large-scale, but can be used in the occasion that the importance of low friction is higher than load ability. There are an annular trough and several lubricated holes in outer lane and inner circle of these bearings, the inner circle lubricates the hole.

The steel ball of some 12 and 13 serial bearings is stressed to the side of the bearing. Whole width (charge to the steel ball) of these bearings List in the bearing table, should consider while designing the relevant part that the bearing is being disposed.

2,Sealed bearing

Take sealed SKF adjusting the heart ball bearing

SKF takes adjusting the heart ball bearing sealedly too, its contact-type seal is on both sides of bearing – suffix 2RS1 of type. The steel sheet enhanced seal is resisted the oil and resisted and abraded third rare nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR rubber) Make. That these seal permits job temperature range from Centigrade and 40 to 100 degrees, can also permit up to the temperature between 120 degrees Centigrade in a short time. The sealed lip is exposed to the inner circle in such a manner that it is pressed that light the angle falls in a smoothness.

The standard sealed bearing relies mainly on the fact that the oil with lithium base thickening agent is lubricated, have good antirusting characteristic and other characteristics

It is with cylinder hole that SKF seals to have adjusting the heart ball bearing too. Some size can also have taper holes (taper 1:12) .

3,SKF that the tape lengthens the inner circle adjusts the heart ball bearing

Tape expand inner circle transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing, according to use the intersection of commerce and grades of low requirement occasion and design of axle. The common difference of special hole is easy so as to hold and dismantle.

The tape expands the inner circle adjusting the screw that the heart ball bearing blocks the shoulder with the pin or tape in order to make a reservation on the axle axially, the pin or screw is on one side of the inner circle and a fluting is deducted, prevent the inner circle from rotating on the axle at the same time.

The ones that are using two strips to expand the inner circle, while adjusting the heart ball bearing to support an axle, localization of them should let fluting of inner circle and face-to-face, or outside the bearing. Not so, the axial localization of the axle has a direction only.

Cylinder hole or the intersection of taper and hole and axle sleeve may be installed in all kinds of the intersection of SKF and the intersection of bearing and flat transferring the heart ball bearing.

3SKF adjusts the heart ball bearing and supplements codes

The type suffix used for discerning SKF adjusting some characteristics of heart ball bearing explains as follows

C3: The backlash of internal radial is greater than the ordinary group

E: Optimize inside design

K: Taper hole, conical degree 1:12

M: The machine pares the brass to keep the shelf, roll the body to guide

2RS1: Take the steel sheet enhanced synthetic rubber seal (NBR rubbery seal) on both sides of bearing

TN: ? ? ? Mould shaping nylon 6, the 6 calories type keeps the shelf, roll the body to guide

TN9: Glass fibre strenghthened type nylon 6 of note mould, 6 keeps the shelf, roll the body to guide

VE294: Annular cannelure and six lubricated holes [1 ] on the inner circle

The name of product: SKF original packaging 2307EKTN9 H2307 adjusts the heart ball bearing New type: 2307EKTN9 H2307 old type: 1607 internal diameters: 35( mm) External diameter: 80( mm) Thickness: 31( mm) Weight: 0.675( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Adjust the heart ball bearing

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