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SKF introduces the new RPS bearing seat

29th August 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Swedish bearing company Sri Lankan inspires confidence in SKF triumphantly Introduced recently and is used for car’s turning to the systematic rotor and orienting the sensor Rotor Positioning Sensor electronically Bearing seat.

SKF shows, turns with traditional hydraulic pressure to systematic comparison, this bearing seat can improve the performance turned to the system, reduce the oil consumption.

Meanwhile, SKF still shows, this bearing can bear the unstability of the external environment condition, including the temperature, magnetic field, machinery are shaken and electromagnetic and interfered with. In addition, pulse because of the torsion that minimizes, the engine noise can be reduced. The installation of this bearing is simple and convenient save the cost, and the characteristic that the low current dawdles and uses simultaneously, electronic control system that can be existing in convenient applying to.

According to SKF relevant introductions, have already been used on law thunder StARS generator before this sensor.

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