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SKF imports the exterior sphere bearing Oil

30th October 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

It is bright in Zibo to step economic and trade Co., Ltd., supplies and imports world-famous brands such as SKF NSF FAG,etc. to import the bearing original packagingly throughout the year, company’s website: Saling hot line: 400-0300-835

The name of product: Supply SKF and import the exterior sphere bearing Oil New type: NC212 old type: -Internal diameter: 870( mm) External diameter: 1180( mm) Weight: 374( kg) Use: The exterior sphere bearing is suitable for requiring apparatus and spare part simple occasion preferably, for example used in agricultural machinery, transportation system or building machinery. Mainly used for bearing radial and axial union load relying mainly on radial load, should not generally bear axial load alone, this kind of bearing can differentiate the inner circle of installation (bring to the whole group and roll son and keepers) With the outer lane. Type: Exterior sphere bearing

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