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SKF develops and is used in the newest lubricating oil standardized system of wind energy trade

28th February 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

SKF is a world-class scientific and technological engineering company. Through it introduces high-performance the intersection of feedstock and the intersection of clogging and the intersection of part and maximal the intersection of improvement and the intersection of wind energy and the intersection of field and lubricating system to be innovative to employ Fan for the intersection of MonoFlex and the intersection of single channel and lubricating system company this recently Enclose.

For the significance of the prominent lubricated task of improvement, the new back set can be controlled and entered the flow amount of a plurality of bearings of different size, guarantee to supply to each bearing best flowrate at the same time.

SKF the intersection of Mono Flex and the intersection of lubricating oil and standardized system that Company produce suitable for oil, semi-fluid oil and the intersection of NLGI and progression number 000 to 2 hard the intersection of profit and use of oil very, it is suitable for different building blocks of the wind-force turbo machine, including host computer bearing too, the bearing of the generator, yaw bearing, turning into the bearing of the oar and turning into the boat and turning into thick liquid gears. Have, 16 used for, emerge pressure to 315 stick in the system this, 2 used for exhausting the pressure to 70 stick, special of it to furnished with parallel the intersection of single wire and metering valve, this and the characteristic is swift, simple and easy, reliable so as to install entirely. In operation, supply lubricant by mainly supplying the line with a pump, have a lubricant index on each piston flux valve, can guarantee to send the accurate lubricated dosage under not considering the adhesiveness or back pressure change like this.

MonoFlex lubricating oil standardized system is made up of a whole set of lubricating oil technology, including two-wire, line type and circulating the lubricating oil products much. In fact no matter in any place, SKF existing and listing lubricating oil international system has high-quality operation guarantee. Especially the increasingly many wind turbine passes in guarantee period now, therefore the antiskid system which adopts production of SKF Company will make much manufacturer assets making the investment on wind energy get the assurance.

For example WindLud that SKF produced has concentrated the lubricating system on reducing the supply time of the lubricating oil to a great extent, and reduce and operate the cost, lengthens and maintains the interval by antiattriting and keeping the modern high output system. The applied lubricant storehouse can offer the demand in two years in this system, so manual operated need has reduced and overcome the remote difficult problem of outputting the lubricating oil greatly, accord with the optimization oil in environment protecting mode to consume.

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