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SKF cross taper get away sub bearing BFKB353443/HA4

6th November 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Roll sub bearing alternately, because of inner ring or External Loop that is cut apart, in roller of packing into and separate by the keepers, the ring of axis of a cylinder is fixed together with rolling alternately, in order to prevent separating each other, so easy to operate at the time of the ring of axis of a cylinder of rolling alternately of installation. Because rollers are in order to arrange alternately, roll alternately only by 1 set the ring of axis of a cylinder can bear the load of all directions, compared with traditional type, rigidity is improved by 3~4 times. Meanwhile, because roll alternately the inner circle or outer lane of sub bearing is two structures of cutting apart, the interval of bearing can be adjusted, even exerted in year in advance, can rotate sports obtaining high precision.

1,Have outstanding rotatory precision

The structure is adopted and rolled the son presents 90 degrees to arrange alternately vertically each other to roll within the sub bearing alternately,

Roll between the son equipping with the intersection of interval and keepers or isolating piece, can prevent, roll slope of son roll during son rubing and examining each other, have prevented rotating the increase of the torsion effectively. In addition, the son’s party contact phenomenon that will not roll or locking the phenomenon very much; Because internal and external rings are the structure cut apart at the same time, the interval can be adjusted, even exerted and press in advance, also can obtain the rotatory sports of high precision.

2,Operate and install simplifying

Cut apart into the External Loop or inner ring of 2 parts, after packing son and keepers into rolling, fixed together, so operation is very simple while installing.

Thin wall get away sub bearing 3, bear greater axial and radial load alternately

Roll son in present, roll at the surface arranging vertically each other through separating by the keepers by degree of the intersection of Model V and cannelures, the sub bearing can bear the load in all directions such as greater radial load, axial load and moment load if this kind of design makes to roll alternately.

4,Install the space sparingly by a wide margin

Internal and external ring measurement of the sub bearing of rolling alternately are the miniaturization of the minimum, especially the ultrathin structure is close to the terminal small-scale size, and have high rigidity, most suitable for the joint position of the industrial robot or rotate the position, mechanical rotatory working bench, department who rotates manipulator of machining center, accurate to rotate working bench, medical instrument, measuring apparatu, IC to make extensive uses such as the device,etc..

IKO get away sub bearing 5 alternately. Reduce axle length and process cost, thermal expansion causes the change of the geometirc size to be limited

6.Adopt nylon separating device, it is low to rotate the inertia, start the low, apt to control the angle graduation torsion

7.Optimize the tight strength in advance, rigidity is big, are guide and roll the son operates the precision highed

8.It is simple but lubricate abundantly [1 ]

The name of product: Supply the sub bearing BFKB353443/HA4 new type of rolling of SKF taper of crossing: BFKB353443/HA4 type: Sub bearing of the roller alternately

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