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SKF bearing N314ECP N314ECM bearing SKF cylinder rolls the sub bearing is sold

4th December 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Good the virtue ‘ Beijing) Bearing the intersection of Trade Co., Ltd and speciality sell the intersection of SKF and the intersection of engineering machinery and the intersection of rolling mill and metallurgical the intersection of air blower and the intersection of bearing and SKF, SKF of bearing, SKF of bearing, SKF of bearing, mould mechanical bearing SKF wind-powered electricity bearing SKF The shield constructing machine bearing SKF tunnel tunnels the mechanical bearing SKF colliery bearing SKF and sets up and rubs the bearing SKF miniature bearing SKF wind of the bearing SKF breaker bearing SKF electrical machinery bearing SKF water pump The machine bearing SKF moderating machine bearing SKF conveyor belt bearing SKF shipping bearing SKF lathe main shaft bearing SKF cement stirs the axletree and bears SKF stainless steel bearing SKF stainless steel and is able to bear rottenly Lose the intersection of stainless steel and dark the intersection of ditch and the intersection of stainless steel and high-speed the intersection of bearing and SKF, SKF of ball bearing, SKF of bearing, transfer heart roll sub bearing SKF cylinder get away sub corner, SKF of bearing, keeps in touch the ball bearing SKF lathe main shaft bearing SKF electric for main shaft bearing outside SKF outside sphere bearing SKF transfer heart ball bearing SKF thrust transfer there aren’t bearing SKF cylinders sub after rolling to heart sphere bearing flat SKF ditch ball bearing SKFs dark

SKF cylinder rolls the sub bearing has many kinds of design, series and size. Among them the majority is that the tape keeps the uniline bearing of the shelf. High to bear the weight of bearing, pair, list bearing, list more bearing, single, pair and list, install, get away sub bearing while being full more ‘ Have not kept the shelf) It is the range to enrich SKF standardized product with the subdivision type bearing. .

SKF carry keep bearing of shelf can bear high the intersection of radial and load, high acceleration and at a high speed application occasion run. Install, roll sub bearing contain to roll son most large quantity, suitable for the intersection of moderate speed and heavily loaded application occasion while being full. SKF high to bear the weight of the intersection of strength and cylinder roll sub bearing combine full high bearing capacity with tape to install bearing keep sets of at a high speed ability of bearing.

Product series

The sub bearing product series include SKF standard cylinder’s rolling:

Uniline cylinder roll sub bearing, NU, N, NJ, NUP type mainly

The sub bearing, NCF, NJF and NUH type that it is high to bear the weight of the cylinder and roll

Pair the sub bearing, NNU, NN and NNUP type of listing the cylinder and rolling

List cylinder get away sub bearing more

The sub bearing, NCF and NJG type that the uniline holds the cylinder to roll fully

The sub bearing, NNCL, NNCF, NNC and NNF type that pair lists and holds the cylinder fully and rolls

List, put cylinder, roll sub bearing while being full more, bring, get away son by four or eight.

Subdivision type cylinder get away sub bearing

Besides bearing listed in this part, SKF offer many kinds of cylinder get away sub bearing, including: Solid oil bearing

High-temperature bearing and bearing unit

INSOCOAT insulating bearing

Mix the ceramic bearing

NOWEAR never wornout bearing

Ultraprecise cylinder get away sub bearing, belted steel rod or pottery mix the bearing

Used in cylinder sub bearing and bearing unit of rolling of the axle case of the railway

SKF use railway for draw cylinder of electrical machinery get away sub bearing

Back roller bearing used for many roller type cold calender

Sub unit of rolling of supporting used for casting the converter in succession.

The name of product: SKF cylinder, SKF of bearing, N314ECP N314ECM of bearing, roll sub bearing sell the new type from stock: N314ECP N314ECM old type: 2314E internal diameter: 70( mm) External diameter: 150( mm) Weight: 2.86( kg) Bearing material: High-temperature bearing steel use: Common Type: Sub bearing of the cylinder roller

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