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SKF bearing 24122CC/W33 transfer heart get away sub bearing

19th November 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Transfer heart roll sub bearing to have two roll inner circle of dish and roll dish until during the outer lane in the sphere, assemble the intersection of drum and shape, get away son’s bearing.

The sub bearing is divided into adjusting the heart and rolling: Cylindrical inner hole, inner hole of taper shape. The conical degree of the inner hole of taper is 1 respectively: 12 trailing named K to transfer heart, get away sub bearing ‘ 153000 type or 113000 type) With 1: 30 trailing named K30 to transfer heart, get away sub bearing. In, mix, along move, may change the radial backlash of the bearing with conical the intersection of axle and piece axially inner circle bearing this kind of.

Main applicable maintenance shelf: Pressing the stencil plate keeps the shelf ‘ Suffix E) , glass fibre enhanced polyamide 66 keep the shelf ‘ Suffix TVPB) , machine the brass entity, keep the shelf ‘ Suffix M) , shake occasion, press the stencil plate, keep the shelf ‘ Suffix JPA)

Main use: Papermaking machinery, moderate and fit, rolling stock axletree, the intersection of rolling mill and the intersection of gearbox and flat, the intersection of rolling mill and the intersection of roller and dishes of son, breaker, shake sift, the intersection of printing and machinery, woodworking machinery, industry all kinds of with moderate plane, vertical to take transfer the intersection of heart and bearing

There are two to roll in the inner circle of one and roll one sub bearings as outer lane in the sphere to adjust the heart and roll, there are the son’s bearings. The camber centre of a Taxi keeps the same with bearing centre that the outer lane rolls, so have and adjust the same adjusting the heart function of heart ball bearing automatically. When axle, outer cover bend, can adjust the axial load of carrying on one’s shoulder or back and two directions automatically. The load ability of the radial is great, are suitable for having carrying on one’s shoulder or back, situation of impact load of heavy load. The internal diameter of inner circle is a bearing of the hole of an awl, can install directly. Or use and fix set, dismantle tube closely and install on the round axis of a cylinder. Keeping the shelf using the stencil plate to press and keep shelf, polyamide shaping keeps shelf and copper alloy car making and keeping the shelf. As to to adjust the heart bearinging, while packing taking the bearing of the axle into the body shaft hole of the case, can prevent the outer lane from sloping and rotating while using the middle installing ring. The one that should be remembered is, the protruding from the side of the bearing from the ball which adjusts the heart ball bearing of some size, so the middle installing ring should recess, so as not to damage balls. A large number of bearings generally all adopt machinery or hydraulic pressure to press the law to install.

To the separating bearing, inner circle and outer lane can be installed separately, simplify and install the process in this way, especially enclose needing to be full of while acting as while cooperating particularly so. While already installing the inner circle the axle in place to pack into the bearing case including outer lane, it enclose being correct inside and outside it must pay attention to not looking over to in,in order to avoiding not it is last line and be roll by part to scratch by bearinging. When if cylinder and needle bearing adopt and block the inner circle or one side of the side without the flange there is inner circle of the flange, propose using and installing the collet. The telescopic external diameter should mean a diameter F that the inner circle rolls, the machined public errand standard, in conformity with d10. Pressing the needle bearing of the outer lane had better use the core axle to install.

The name of product: SKF bearing 24122CC/W33 new type of the sub bearing of adjusting the heart and rolling: 24122CC/W33 old type: 4053722 internal diameters: 110( mm) External diameter: 180( mm) Weight: 6.63( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Adjust the sub bearing of the heart roller

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