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Six kinds of angles are exposed to the ball bearing NSK brand 7048ACM

21st December 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

The angle can bear radial load and axial load while exposed to the ball bearinging, can bear purely axial load, can work under higher rotational speed. The angle of uniline is exposed to the axial load that the ball bearing can only bear a direction. While bearing radial load, will cause additional axial force, and can only limit the axle or outer cover in the axial displacement of a direction. If in pairs installation, make the same terminal surface of outer lane of a pair of bearings relative, and wide the end, in the face of the wide terminal surface, the narrow end so can already avoid causing additional axial force, and can make the axle or outer cover confine in two directions to axial backlash in the face of the narrow terminal surface. The angle is exposed to holding the ball quantity more than deep ditch ball bearings of the ball bearing, therefore the load capacity is the biggest in the ball bearing, rigidity is strong too, it is stable to operate. Enclose, move, adjust the intersection of radial and backlash each other can utilize.

The name of product: Supply Six kinds of angles are exposed to the bearing NSK brand 7048ACM new type of ball: 7048ACM old type: -Internal diameter: 240( mm) External diameter: 360( mm) Weight: 19.7( kg) Use: Common Type: The angle contacts the ball bearing

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