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Silver ball serial FSV4025B1 bearings of guide screw on HIWIN

16th October 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

The silver ball serial FSV40-25B1 bearing linear slide rails of guide screw are it is guided that one kind is rolling on HIWIN, borrow, make by steel ball limitlessly rolling to circulate among slippery piece and slide rail, support platform can take exercises linearly with high precision easily along the slide rail. Guide looks relatively slidably with a traditional one, rolling coefficient of friction that guide can reduce to 1/50 original, reduce greatly because of the frictional force that is started, relative less invalid sports take place, so can reach ¦Ì’s m grade easily to give and make a reservation. In addition, slippery piece and bunch among the slide rail make unit, design, make linear slide rail can bear every load of direction such as being from head to foot about at the same time, the aforesaid does not display the characteristic the tradition can compare to guide to slip, so if the machine can cooperate with ball spiral shell’s pole, it use slide rails linear it make guide,must can improvement by a wide margin apparatus precision and efficiencies mechanical.
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