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Shortcomings of the antifriction bearing all have those

31st May 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1. The ability that the antifriction bearing bears load is much smaller than the sliding bearing of the same volume, so, antifriction bearing is radial and roomy. So bear occasion of heave- load and require radial size little, structure require compact the intersection of occasion and <the intersection of internal-combustion engine and the intersection of crankshaft and bearing ,Adopt more sliding bearings;
2. Vibration and noise of antifriction bearing are relatively great, especially inuse is particularly prominent on later stage, so, have very high expectations for precision, there mustn’t be vibrating occasion, the antifriction bearing is difficult to be competent, the result that generally chooses the sliding bearing is better.
3. The antifriction bearing is very sensitive to foreign matters such as the metal fillings,etc., enters foreign matter in the bearing, the intersection of person who will produce make-and-break and great vibration and noise, also can cause in early days damaging. In addition, the antifriction bearing is mixed with early spoiled possibility incident such as the quality because of the metal. Even not damage in early days, the life-span of the antifriction bearing has certain limits. So the life-span of the antifriction bearing is a bit shorter than the sliding bearing.

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