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Shandong welds the cigarette purifier _ and bears and sells the portable purifier directly to households far

24th August 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Weld the cigarette purifier and introduce: Portable to weld the smoke and dust purifier, it is a style, specially to while managing welding, cutting, polishing, produce and suspend in the air to human body’s harmful tiny prill but anti-pollution device of the design in a large amount, accommodate the single two-station, it is high in efficiency that it purifies, light and handy and flexible, is furnished with 2-3 meters of long flexible gettering arms, move more flexibly in different work places, operation is more convenient. Weld the location of use of cigarette purifier: Portable to weld the smoke and dust purifier and is used for welding, produce the work station of smoke and dust and dust and recovery to the rare metal, valuable supplies,etc. in the process of polishing, cutting, polishing etc., can purify and suspend to the harmful tiny prill of human body in the air in a large amount, reduce the injury to worker’s body. Purify the noise is low, such characteristics as the floor space is little flexible in usage with high efficiency. Suitable for the arc welding, carbon dioxide and protect welding, MAG welding, gouge welding, angry homework place that melts and cuts, welds etc. and produces the flue gas specially of carbon arc. 2,Portable to weld the characteristic 1 of dust remover of cigarette, have specialized turbines and import the electrical machinery of brands, unless it if you can’t adopt, prevent from on electrical machinery anti-overloading circuit in that the burning ofves, there are high on safety,in-service behavior a steady 2, utilizing but 360 deg arms univesal active at will, can happen in the place from the flue gas and absorb the flue gas, has improved the collection rate of the flue gas greatly, guarantee working crew’s health 3, clean air lead and disperse from the grid shaped air exhaust mouth evenly, attract the cotton within the container body high-efficiently, therefore reduce the noise to lowest 4, enclose the new-type univesal castor that the dedicated tape brakes, facilitate the random movement of the apparatus and position.

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