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Shandong the intersection of visiting scienc spot and the intersection of bearing and taper roll sub the intersection of bearing 7313 and imported SKF bearing import FAG bearing

19th September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

The intersection of Shandong and the intersection of visiting scienc spot and the intersection of bearing and Co., Ltd., for should to high-speed the intersection of lathe and market that develop, the professional personage that absorbed in the lathe to use the accurate products by a domestic and foreign batch, in order to popularize the accurate products of SKF lathe trade, improve the domestic lathe with the integral level of the function part and speciality type company established. The company inherit and take technology as the direction, is supported by market, regards serving as the operation aim of carriers, temper and the vocational training of SKF through practice for many years, company staff have abundant experiences, can fully know SKF gives play to its product quality improving, strong advantage of logistics platform of technological service really up to the mark as the specialty of the knowledge type company, use SKF accurate products in the course of designing, installing, maintaining for you, offer the following high-quality, specialized service: Offer SKF serial accurate bearings completely: The horn contacts the ball bearing ‘ 718, 719, 70, Series 72 and sealed series) , cylinder roll sub bearing , the two-way angle is exposed to the thrust ball bearing (2344, BTM-A, BTM-B, series BTW) , the silk pole supports the bearing (series BSD, BSA2, BSA3, BEAS, BEAM, FBSA, FBSD) , terminal performance solution (exceed the long-life series V, SV) When; Offer SNFA serial accurate bearings completely: Series SEA, SEB, VEB, HB, HX, EX, VEX, E200, BS200, BS,etc.; Sub bearing, revolving stage bearing, locknut,etc. offer SKF to roll alternately; Offer the optimization design, selecting service of SKF main shaft, optimize the main shaft and design providing the rationalized suggestion for you; Offer maintenance of all kinds of imported main shafts service; Offer straight line products such as the SKF roller silk poles, ball guide screw, electronic push rod, servo electronic jar, accurate slippery platform, straight line bearing, optical axis,etc.; Offer SKF bearing lubricating grease products (lubricating grease series LG,etc.) , products of installing tools, main shaft state monitoring instrument etc.; Offer SKF (VOGEL) Industry lubricating system products: Lathe cut cool micro- lubricating system, high-speed main shaft, entrain the air system, high-pressure coolant pump, the intersection of lathe and lubricating system, quiet to press the intersection of guide and multicipital the intersection of pump and system,etc.; Offer SKF (CR) Seal products; Other products.

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The name of product: Shandong the intersection of visiting scienc spot and bearing supply taper roll sub the intersection of bearing 7313 and imported SKF bearing import FAG bearing New type: 7313 internal diameters: 65( mm) External diameter: 140( mm) Use: The sub bearing is usually separating type that the taper rolls, is carried and rolled the something small and hard and keeps the taper inner circle assembly of inner circle composition of a assembly being all right with the outer lane of the taper (outer lane) Install separately; The taper rolls the sub bearing is used in trades such as the car, rolling mill, mine, metallurgy, plastic machinery,etc. extensively. Type: Sub bearing of the taper roller

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