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SG66ZZ SG662RS ” Gothic ” The embroidery machine uses the bearing

16th October 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Take ” Gothic ” Track roller of the arc groove -Series SG

1. The SG series track roller, in order to employ relatively widely in the linear track roller, economical and practical products, can adapt in the cylindrical guide rail.
2. The contact with guide rail of the gyro wheel is two point contact, have good contact performance.
3. The gyro wheel adopts the two-bank angle to contact the internal constructional design of the ball bearing and add the thick outer lane, make the gyro wheel have more high bearing capacity.
4. The gyro wheel is made of high-quality bearing steel, was processed by heat treatment, accurate grinding, and pack the long-lasting high-quality multi-purposed oil in inside. The gyro wheel adopts the metal dust cap (KDD) dustproofly Or rubber grommet (NPP) .
Have employed the guidance system of guide rail of gyro wheel of the SG series track roller to have the following characteristics :

1. Let to use the speed, resistance to be small, longe-lived high
The surface of the outer lane of the LFR series track roller is designed into the Gothic shape, while making the gyro wheel work, gyro wheel and guide rail form the included angle as 60 degrees of two point contact, grit small resistance, the load is even, the stress concentration caused by installing and making the error, boundary effect while working that prevent the gyro wheel from, make the system of guide rail have high speed, low energy consumption, long-lasting operating characteristic.

2. It is simple and convenient to install
Gyro wheel dispose eccentric shaft and behind the concentric axle, make, install very convenient, adjust eccentricity eccentricity of gyro wheel can appropriate to preload.

3. Operate steadily, the error is little, the noise in operation is extremely low
One hundred Sichuan dedicated processing unit and checkout equipment have guaranteed the reliability of the appearance of the gyro wheel, mature preparation method and rigorous quality testing course make all gyro wheel outer lane diameter run-out and real circular degree of surface of job good, make system error minima, operating steadily, noise in operation during operation of guide rail extremely low.

Bearing type
SG66ZZ SG66-2RS ” Gothic ” The embroidery machine uses the bearing
Internal diameter
6 mm
External diameter
22 mm
10/11 mm
Trough diameter
8 mm
Bearing steel
Rust flower machine, numerical control equipment,etc..
Bearing of one hundred Sichuan
Take U profiled groove track roller bearing
SG gyro wheel bearing characteristic:
1.Resistance is small, longe-lived, it is extensive to employ;
2. can used in by guide rails U-type extensively gyro wheels SG series bearing;
3.It is simple and convenient to install and use;
4.Adopt the two-bank angle to contact the internal constructional design of the ball bearing and add the thick outer lane;
5.The track roller of one hundred Sichuan bearing has more high bearing capacity;
6.Stock of the stock
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Other types:


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