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Several kinds of daily rolling bearing dismantlement methods

26th February 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The commonly used dismantlement method of the rolling bearing is as follows, beat the law, pull out the law, bulldozes law, heat and dismantles the law.

First, beat the law

Beat strength to generally add on the inner circle of bearing, beating strength should not be added in rolling body and maintenance shelf of the bearing, this law is easy, but apt to damage the bearing, when the bearing lie in the end of the axle, support the end of axle with the copper excellent or other soft metal materials of less than bearing internal diameter, the underpart of the bearing adds cushions, beat gently with the hand hammer, can pull down. Employ the position that this law should notice the cushion being put to be appropriate, the impetus should be correct.

Second, pull out the law

Adopt and specially draw and have, while dismantling, so long as rotate handles, the bearing will be drawn out slowly. While dismantling the bearing outer lane, two feet curve the angle and should be opened outwards to draw; Dismantle bearing when the inner circle, draw, it has two feet to be should be inwards, the card is at the inner circle terminal surface of bearing.


1,The ones that should drawn and had will draw the inner circle which will hook the bearing, but should not sew with large stitches on the outer lane, in case that the bearing is become flexible excessively or damaged;

2,Use and draw it while having and make the silk pole aim at the centre bore of the axle, can’t be crooked. Should also pay attention to drawing receiving the strength situation of hook and bearing, don’t draw hook and bearing to damage;

3,Pay attention to preventing drawing the hook slip;

4,Drawing has curving the angle and is below 90 degrees of two feet.

Third, bulldoze the law

Bulldoze the bearing with the press, it is reliable to work steadily, does not damage machine and bearing. The press is bulldozed manually, the machinery type or hydraulic pressure type press is bulldozed.

Notes: The press impetus can’t press partially in the centre of the axle.

Fourth, heat dismantling law

Bearing used for dismantling and cooperating closely. Pour the engine oil heated to about 100 ℃ on the bearing to be dismantled with the lubricator first, after the bearing is enclosed and heated to swell, can pull out the bearing by drawing.


1,First of all, should draw and install on the bearing to be dismantled, and exert certain pulling force;

2,Before heating, should wrap up the axle well with the asbestos strings or thin iron plate, prevented the axle from being heated and swollen, otherwise it is very difficult to dismantle, while dismantling the bearing from the bearing case shell hole, can only heat the bearing case shell hole, can’t heat the bearing;

3,Water oil, want, water in the intersection of bearing and suits of circle or roll at the body steady lubricator, and a oil basin is put below it, collect the hot oil flowing, avoid wasting and scalding;

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