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Rolling bearing and daily term and definition to the heart bearing

25th August 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Rolling bearing and to daily term and definition of the heart bearing:

1 Rolling bearing:

1,Roll bearing – English: rolling bearing;

Roll the bearing of sports among supporting the parts of load and each other’s relative motion, it includes and rolls the part of one and brings or without isolating or guiding rolling the body group of one. Can be used for bearing radial, axial or radial and axial union load.

2,Uniline bearing – English: single row bearing;

Have a rolling bearing to roll body.

3,Pair lists bearing – English: double row bearing;

Have two rolling bearings to roll body.

4,List more bearings – English: multi-row bearing;

Have rolling the body of more than two, bear the rolling bearing of the same direction load, had better point out and list counting and bearing type, for example: ” Four get away sub bearing to the intersection of heart and cylinder ” .

5,Install and roll body bearing – English fully: full complement bearing;

It have with shelf for bearing,roll each line by week such as body to among interval the sum of last diameter and getting lighter as much as possible to roll body, in order to make the bearing have good performance.

6,The angle contacts bearing – English: angular contact bearing;

The angle of nominal contact is greater than 0

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