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Roller bearing of thrust of Henan

29th June 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Thrust roller bearing is used for bearing the axial load and uniting the load for the axle, radial of the main fact, but the radial load can’t exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, this kind of bearing is lower in friction factor, the great of rotational speed, and have cente adjusting characteristics.
The rod of the 29000 type bearing is a asymmetric sphere roller, can reduce the roller and relative slip at work of ball track, and the long, diameter of roller is large, rollers are in large quantity, the load is tall in capacity, usually adopt the oil lubrication, the specific low speed situation can be lubricated with the lipoprotein. While designing the lectotype, should be preferred; 80000 type thrust cylindrical roller bearing, 90000 type thrust taper roller bearings and Model AXK thrust needle bearings, can bear the unidirectional axial load, it is much larger than the ability of axial load of the thrust ball bearing, it is small and stiffness is large, takes up the axial space. Thrust cylindrical roller bearing and thrust roller bearing are suitable for the occasion low in rotational speed, the rotational speed of roller bearing of circular cone of thrust is higher than the cylindrical roller bearing of thrust slightly. Thrust cylindrical roller bearing belongs to the separate type bearing, can only bear the unidirectional axial load and assault slightly, can restrain axle from ‘ Or outer cover The axial displacement of a direction, so can be used as positioning unidirectionally axially. But its bearing capacity is far greater than the thrust ball bearing far. When the roller rolls, because the roller two end line is different in speed, make the roller slip inevitably on the ball track of collar, so, the terminal rotational speed of this kind of bearing is lower than the thrust ball bearing, are usually only suitable for the occasion of operating of low speed. The cylindrical roller bearing of thrust of standard design adopts the car to make metal entity retainer, according to user’s request, can also adopt other patterns or retainers of the material. Thrust taper roller bearing can only bear the unidirectional axial load, can limit the unidirectional axial displacement of the bearing, so can be used as positioning unidirectionally axially. Compared with cylindrical roller bearing of thrust, bearing capacity is great, relative slip is small, but the terminal rotational speed is lower.

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