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Research and analyse: The video divides bearing co-axle degree which rows technology and measures application

31st December 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The video divides into and draws and produces technology to realize the superposing of figure and picture through electronic technology and one-chip computer technology, use the figure superposed to carry on manpower or measure automatically as aiming at and measuring marks. The graphite bearing degree is key turning one in the electric energy meter of the long-life at present, the quality of its quality influences the mass property of the electric energy meter directly. The best detection method at present of electric energy meter manufacturer is to use the tool microscope to measure the quality of the graphite bearing, but round co-axle degree is measured to the graphite, it is cumbersome to use the tool microscope. This text realizes the test of round co-axle degree has offered a more simple and more convenient method inside and outside the graphite bearing.

The graphite bearing examines the principle

Put the graphite bearing in measuring the working bench, center the device automatically through manpower, make the graphite bearing orientate as the correct position, adopt the transmission in a poor light to light, guarantee it is basically coincident in centre and CCD optical axis of the graphite bearing, the picture is clear. Objective and CCD receive the picture of the graphite bearing through making a video recording, send the picture signal of the video to the superposing device of the video, reveal on the display. CCD video picture superposes three concentric circles rings by the superposing device of the video, synchronous and adjustable in the centres of three concentric circles rings; It is round as basis to be round inside, the inner round aiming at the graphite bearing while measuring; Round diameter corresponds to co-axle one degree of tolerances and synchronous and adjustable of the graphite bearing outside two, in order to guarantee the standard public errand does not change. While measuring, so long as the exterior edge of the graphite bearing falls among round outside two, judge it is qualified for co-axle degree of the graphite bearing.

Major indicator and function

The main technical indicator that the graphite bearing examines is the resolution ratio of the figure and measures the resolution ratio. The index is 512* 512 picture element and 0.03mm respectively. The main function is round co-axle one degree of qualification artificial material loading while judging automatically, semi-automatic to make a reservation .

Precision analysis

Here, the resolution ratio of horizontal direction of the lens is Sx, the resolution ratio of the vertical direction is Sy, the resolution ratio of the figure is 512 * 512 Picture element, this device CCD camera visual field range is 7.95mm * 6.04mm:

Sx =7.95/512 =15.5mm,

Sy =6.04/512 =11.8mm.

Have the human eye and aim at the error as d1, it is to use the inner round in the concentric circles ring to aim at the inner round of the round ring of graphite to aim at the graphite bearing method as the appropriate round. Round radius is bad as the public errand range outside two, it is intra-annular on two rounds that the exterior round of the round ring of graphite falls, differentiate the error as a picture element, Sx is relatively big,

The concentric circles adjust the error, it is a picture element to adjust one set of accurate errors of inner round of concentric circles and graphite bearing.

The error that arise from interference is a picture element d3 =± 15.5mm. Because random error, comprehensive principle as follows, according to random error

Video superposing device which the one-chip computer realizes

Can know according to the above-mentioned data analysis, so long as interfere with the random error inside and outside greater than ± 26.8mm to judging in theory the round co-axle degree is qualified. Here, the system presumes. The superposing device of the video is a key to this system, the picture signal of the video absorbs input through CCD, the rule is a PAL. The figure signal of the video is produced from the superposing device of the video, its scanning way and picture signal move ahead simultaneously unanimously. This system demands to produce three concentric circles and surround the figure, this figure is adjusted through button, move freely in CCD that the display reveals absorbs the picture, and the radius enlarges and shrinks automatically. This system adopts AT89C51 and address to break the circuit and design the figure picture superposing device of the video.

Circuit of the hardware

The circuit block diagram of the hardware is shown as in Fig. 1. The main function of AT89C51 one-chip computer system is to write the figure data to RAM, among them, WR controls two to select an address to strobe, one-chip computer 15 addresses bus breaks RAM address bus automatically, WR controls the line to control reading and writing state and bumper of RAM. The figure data can be written into RAM by the data bus of RAM through the bumper. While reading the figure to count from RAM, WR controls and strobes the address to break 15 addresses bus in the circuit, RAM address is broken automatically at the same time, read the figure data, change through and bunch, output the serial data, control the analog switch IC4053. When controlling level as the high level, the analog switch outputs the adjustable level of grey level of figure, control level when low level, the analog switch outputs the picture signal of the video, therefore realize the superposing of figure signal and video picture signal.

Hardware block diagram of Fig. 1

The task that the address breaks the circuit is to synchronize with video signal and break RAM address automatically. It by synchronous separation, the intersection of picture element and oscillator, eight the intersection of frequency division and circuit, the intersection of byte and counter, competent counter and 2 select a switch to make up. Separate and employ it to CCD video picture signal synchronously, separate and go out moving ahead simultaneously, synchronous pulse and odd-even field pulse of field; Picture element oscillator control competent synchronous pulse, go on, walk Cheng shake and walk, go against Cheng stop shaking. Oscillator cycle is the pulse width of some clocks of the picture, it is some pulses of picture that it outputs; The input of eight frequency division circuit is some pulses of picture, export and is regarded as the byte clock; The byte counter is counted to the byte, low six A0 A5 location of corresponding RAM address bus. The byte counter counts a pulse and breaks RAM once each time. The signal of walking synchronously counts all over 64 bytes pulse each time as the zero clearing signal of counter of byte, walk synchronous the intersection of signal and zero clearing, resume, count going to the intersection of byte and pulse of party. Walk counter count to competent synchronous signal, walk counter count full 512 each time, by the intersection of field and synchronous the intersection of signal and zero clearing, count to the synchronous pulse of row the next again. Walk eight of the counter output A7 which correspond to RAM address bus A14 location, likewise, the counter counts a pulse each time, RAM address enters a new line to break. For separating CCD of the line scanning, a frame picture is divided into field and even number of odd number, if the figure data chase the conduct to preserve in RAM, fail, go out, break RAM with the intersection of byte and counter and competent counter directly, then get the wrong figure data. If it is round to expect to superpose one, the screen general reveals upper and lower two ellipses. Link a pulse signal of odd-even with A6 of RAM, can solve through the line scanning and chase the conduct and write the contradiction between the figures.

Two selects a switch to exported and controlled by the one-chip computer. While writing the figure data, are broken RAM address automatically by the one-chip computer address bus, is broken RAM address automatically by the high-speed address bus while reading the figure data.

Software design

The procedure block diagram of software design is shown as in Fig. 2. The procedure carries on the initialized figure of keyboard and stores RAM zero clearing at first, two selects a switch to switch over to the one-chip computer, use, paint round subprogram according to centre of a circle and big ditty of radius, calculate the intersection of concentric circles and coordinate and write into, reveal RAM. Then switch over the switch to the address to break the circuit, after getting the initial figure on the display, the system is in waiting. Button adopt cut off way, respond to, differentiate the intersection of key and symbol, the intersection of in the center and position or size of concentric circles in figure change to analyze, to revealing RAM content is revised, make figure position and radius revealed change in size.

Software block diagram of Fig. 2

Utilize circuit of this hardware, write the software according to computer design graphics, can realize the video of figures such as straight line, cross curve, ellipse,etc. is superposed, also can realize the videos of Chinese characters or figures are superposed.

Debug and the conclusion

After CCD video signal is separated synchronously, pass a time delay circuit and control the picture element oscillator again first, breaking the address position where the circuit emerges like this will be changed on the screen. The figure data which the one-chip computer stores in RAM have no change, this is equivalent to a corresponding coordinate 0,0 on the screen Change with regulation of the circuit of time delay, in a situation that the data in SRAM do not change, the address breaks the circuit and superposes the figure according to the new coordinate while breaking RAM, has realized three concentric circles are moved on the screen synchronously. This system has avoided realizing the synchronous movement of three concentric circles through the software, have reduced the work load of the software debugging greatly.

The video that the character superposes inputs the requirement above 2.5V, and the voltage of CCD video signal in the system is about 1.0V, so need to pull the voltage of CCD video signal upward. Adopt the triode voltage to amplify here, will chat on video and pull upward the voltage of 2V, will guarantee the normal work that characters will be superposed. However, the video outputs signals if does not deal with, reveal on the display directly, will find the screen too bright. So, after the superposing device of the character appear, should remove the direct current pulled upward to press, adopt the electric capacity to strain wave and triode to follow here, guarantee the video signal is undistorted.

Because some distances on some distances and vertical directions during the display horizontal direction picture element present 4: 3 relations, in the round algorithm of the figure software, it will be an ellipse to get. So, in the round algorithm, the round in the system of coordinates shrinks in the horizontal direction by 1/4, and then store in RAM after conversion of screen coordinate and RAM, thus get a round, and.

The experiment shows, this system can be fast to realize the quality inspection of the graphite bearing, its precision can meet the demands, and stable and reliable. Meanwhile, reduce workers’ labour intensity greatly too, get the application of electric energy meter enterprises.

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