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Repairing method of the rolling bearing

25th November 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The repairing method of the rolling bearing:

And make precision and demand to be very tight, the rolling bearing is machine component produced in a large amount. Specialization intensity very high technically, so apt to buy the bearing variety to the overwhelming majority speech, should buy more worthwhily than to repair, only consider the repair question of the bearing in case of the following, namely

Its failure mode is mainly to roll superficial abrasion, a large number of bearings of the same type which the large-scale factory uses. Tired or a little move and denude, especially it keeps the shelf or rolls the body to damage the part, and one set of circles or washers repairs value;

2 is on the brink of failing or although has already failed that the part has not been great yet damaged, the large-scale and super-huge bearing. Or valuable bearing must try, lengthen his effective service time

3 have piece have, build for subsequent use, some buy the intersection of bearing and variety while being difficult really fail. Especially import the bearing;

4 for example slight incrustation that stock period takes place, the bearing is damaged slightly. And transport the slight moving a little and is denuded taking place in course, it is easy and hesitating to discard sth. for this kind of situation to repair.

The repair of the bearing has its technology, besides economy. This person who demands to repair fully understands the corresponding technical requirement of the bearing, with the bearing and characteristic on the structure, on crafts and on the material of part, otherwise it is very difficult to guarantee to repair result meeting the requirements with bearing.

First, economic benefits that the bearing is repaired:

There are few varieties of the bearing, generally speaking. The quantity is large, single bearing is costly, or the bearing is simple in construction. The size is large, it is low that the expenses repaired are relative, the higher the economic benefits are.

The operation situation to the bearing is controlled, in addition. Repair before the bearing fails in a planned way, can achieve the result of getting twice the result with half the effort. Follow the rational craft, use high-efficient repair apparatus and tool, and obtain the assistance of the professional bearing factory, contribute to increasing economic efficiency.

Second, advantage of cooperating with professional bearing enterprise:

The cooperation substantially as can make professional bearing enterprises ing, users are in repairing the business of the bearing. May get the following advantages:

1 and how to guarantee repair the overall quality of the bearing, can define the technical requirement of each process repaired.

2 these experiences can meet requirements for craft reliably, with high efficiency and economically; Can utilize a lot of special experiences of the professional bearing factory.

3 use on business of repairing, can purchase the intersection of worker and the intersection of card and the intersection of quantity and mould from professional bearing enterprise. Perhaps comparatively economic and saving a lot trouble;

4 rolls fittings such as body, rivet,etc., can purchase from professional bearing enterprise for example insist on the shelf. Perhaps make the repair work simple and convenient and economic.


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