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Reduce method and regular maintenance knowledge of the noise that INA imports the bearing

27th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

INA bearing is the internationally recognized brand bearing, the use is extremely extensive, users will meet the bearing and send out the noise situation inevitably in the course of using, then how to reduce the noise that INA imports the bearing? Now introduce briefly to everybody:

1 Attach some chemical additive in lubricant of INA bearing by method to use chemical additive, can reduce the bearing noise, for example produce a kind of low noise lubricating grease which contains the additive of noise reduction in one factory in Tianjin, can reduce the bearing noise from original foundation 3.9- 9.2dB, is suitable for using in the miniature or small-scale bearing.

2Use and suck shaking or using and sucking and shaking or lowering the noise of INA bearing or bearing noise of the segregation through shaking the device through shaking the device, can receive the good result, but so often pay a high price economically, make the organization great sometimes, the heat-dissipating condition becomes bad, or easy corrosion, should consider in an all-round way while using, only still can’t reach the index with low noise and use this law after other measures are adopted. The ones that replaced the thrust bearing and bore thrust at high speed in simplest example are to the heart ball bearing, can antirust plastic overcoat of lubricating oil while being full in order to suck in its outer lane upper cover, tape put on shelly the intersection of thrust and bearing or general the intersection of thrust and bearing on condition that allow, hole or exterior round is inlaid with the same plastic sheath in it, but control that can’t rub or interfere with adjacent parts in the rotation. It is sure to eliminate noise on function that there is this kind of method. Another example to put set in the middle of the one into between bearing and seat hole, may dampen and rotate the system to pass to the vibration strength on the bearing stand, but this demands to allocate properly, otherwise may present the opposite result.

Another kind of example is to adopt the sound absorption – sound insulation cover to totally close or close the bearing system of the noise take placing as much as possible. It is the glass fibre or polyurethane foamed plastics that this kind reduces inside of making an uproar and covering, the inner surface is a stencil plate of 0.6 – lmm thickness, deploys φ 1.2- 1.5mm small open hole at surface, the whole area of the aperture accounted for the whole inner surface 25% – 30% , The outer surface is a stencil plate of 2mm thickness. The glass fibre or foamed plastics here is used for dispelling higher frequency noise, take the noise for dispelling lower frequency of surface inside of the aperture, but the steel plate in the outer surface uses the anecdotes which isolates the noise.

3The noise of the method INA bearing which changes the rotational speed of corresponding position of the host computer is not very sensitive to load, but very sensitive to the rotational speed, if condition permitting, use the method to reduce the rotational speed and increase the moment to achieve the equally working goal, but reduced the noise. [Example ] is to reduce the noise of oil pump system, being used in the motor rotational speed originally is 1430r/min lower oil pump with flow of 10L/min, change into rotational speed as 710r/min motor and after adding to the oil pump of bigger specification and receiving the same flow, reducing all of the noises of the oil pump, bearing of oil pump and oil pump motor bearing apparently, but the space that a whole set of organization accounts for is expanded to some extent, the cost increases to some extent.

Reduce the treatment method of the noise of INA bearing:

1.Loaded size, direction and property: The ball bearing is suitable for bearing the light load, the sub bearing is suitable for bearing the heavy load and assaulting the load rolling. When the rolling bearing receives the purely axial load, generally select the thrust bearing for use; When the rolling bearing receives the pure radial load, select deep the intersection of ditch and ball bearing or short cylinder for use, get away sub bearing generally; While the rolling bearing receives the pure radial load, when there is the axial load not big, can select deep the intersection of ditch and ball bearing for use, horn contact ball bearing, taper roll sub bearing and transfer the intersection of heart and ball or transfer heart, get away sub bearing; When the axial load is larger, can select for use, contact the intersection of horn and bigger horn, contact ball bearing and taper, roll sub bearing, or select for use and put to heart bearing and thrust bearing together, this particularly should suit when or especially demand to have greater axial rigidity in extremely high axial load.

2.Allow the rotational speed: Because different and very great differences of bearing type. Generally speaking, rub the small bearing with little caloric value, is suitable for the high rotational speed. Should strive to make the rolling bearing work under the condition less than its terminal rotational speed while designing.

3.Rigidity: Bear, bear load, the intersection of bearing and sets of circle and roll body, contact place, will produce elasticity to be out of shape, deformation amount is proportional to load, its ratio determines the size of the bearing rigidity. Can generally be through improving the rigidity of the bearing closely in advance of the bearing; In addition, in the bearing supports the design, consider bearing association and permutation way can also improve the supporting rigidity of the bearing.

4.Adjust heart performance and installation error: After the bearing is packed into the position of job, often make the erroring causes and installs and makes a reservation badly. This often because the axle produces reasons such as deflection and thermal expansion,etc., make the bearing bear the too big load, cause early damage. Adjust the heart bearing and overcome the defect caused by installation error by oneself automatically, therefore is a bearing which is suitable for this kind of use.

5.Install and dismantle: The taper rolls sub bearing, needle bearing and taper roll sub bearing,etc., enclose the bearing type the so-called separating bearing that can be separated while belonging to ,It is convenient to install and dismantle.

How should INA bearing be maintained and maintained

Make INA bearing give full play to and keep their due performance for a long time, must do a good job of the maintenance of schedule maintenance check regularly conscientiously . Check regularly through a appropriate one, make sure, find trouble in early days, accident of preventing from on right, to boosting productivity and economy is very important.


Pull down INA bearing while checking, do a good job of the appearance record by method of photographing etc. first. In addition, should confirm the quantity of surplus lubricant and sample lubricant, then wash INA bearing.

A, the intersection of INA and washing of bearing divide into thick to wash and not precise to wash, go on, and can put the metal network shelf on the container bottom that use.

B, thick while washing, is removing lubricating grease or glueing things in the oil with brush,etc.. At this moment not on oil it rotate INA bearing,it notice can because damage to last surface foreign matter,etc..

C, precise while washing, rotates INA bearing in the oil slowly, must go on carefully.

Cleaner usually used uses the warm lye,etc. sometimes according to the need for the too neutral to contain water diesel oil or kerosene. No matter which kind of cleaner to use, filter keeping clean frequently.

Wash, apply, antirust oil or antirust grease at the intersection of INA and bearing immediately.

2,Check and judge

In order to judge whether INA bearing pulled down could be reused, check the precision of its size, rotate precision, internal backlash and cooperate with the surface, roll in a surface, keep the shelf and seals and enclose etc. emphatically.

About the inspection result, can pay judging from accustomed to the use of INA bearing or person who masters bearinging.

Standards judged are different to some extent on the basis that and check cycle etc. in mechanical performance and important degree. If there is the following that is damaged, INA bearing can’t be reused, must change.

1Fracture and defect of INA bearing spare part.

2A surface thing rolls the stripping of Taxi to roll.

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