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Recovery technique of the bearing

28th February 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

With the development of science and technology of the market competition, bearing recovery technique has advantages, can cost less fund within relatively short time to regard as the new bearing and operate the computer to use again, this says, it is undoubtedly a more economic, swifter production sageguard measure in purchasing the new bearing.

1.Necessity that the bearing repairs
Bearing damage will make entirely turning round system suffer losses. In most traditional industry employs, the bearing will be scrapped, cause the cost to increase and waste ahead of time. The bearing can lengthen the bearing life-span to repair, become the ideal choice of another economy besides purchasing the new product.

Technically, bearing repair repair or change the intersection of bearing and part damaged to take place, bearing, in the repair process, through rub, pare, roll line, change, roll body, the intersection of column and the intersection of person who sell and part, repair the bearing in an all-round way. Its functional part or surface like this totally accords with instructions for use of the new bearing.

For making new bearing, the high-quality repair craft can return the bearing to the performance of the new bearing within 1/3 of the time. Compared with purchasing the new bearing, the bearing recovery technique can help the industrial enterprise to save at least 40% even higher purchase cost, under the circumstances that normal use is safeguarded, the service ability that bearing can well reach the new bearing after repairing.

Compared with the situation that the new bearing makes thinking, the bearing repairs and accords with the demands for environmental protection even more, need less energy input and reduce consumption and waste of raw materials. In addition, the bearing repairs the circulation of life-span most likely realizing the bearing. The research of the authoritative research institution shows, after repairing, the life cycle of the bearing can be the same as life cycle of the new bearing. What the bearing after repairing is reused is the reliable bearing steel products material already verified, so has reduced the invalid risk of bearing material further. Material and public errand that the part changed uses must accord with primitive manufacturers or equal norms, and does not accord with primitively and make normal repair and increase the too early invalid risk.

2.Damage of the bearing
Once the bearing is damaged, must judge whether the bearing that should be damaged can be repaired through a very strict detection procedure. Wait to repair the bearing and must be washed in an all-round way, then carry on very strict overall detection. Measure only damage of the bearing at first, peel off and overheated and change color etc. as storing in the crackle, big, it will be probably unable to repair but must scrap that the bearing damaged exists.

Bearing damage the reason have chemistry that is damaged mainly ‘ Etch and corrosion, corrode spot, rusty or abrades and corrodes , heat damaged ‘ Change color or crackle , electrical injuries Burn, groove or spot of damage of losing , machinery damaged ‘ Tired, crackle, peeling off, breaking, scratch, a little peeling off, stain, hardness reducing, gap, abrade, install damaging, off-centre or lubricate to fail . Until state monitor and routine inspection can find bearing turn round the problem stores in ahead of time, the serious inspection can help to confirm whether the bearing needs repairing.

3.Bearing that can be repaired

Though the bearing repairs a lot of advantages, to bearing damaged, it is not always the best choice to repair. Utilize bearing recovery technique to depend on whether the bearing needs repairing correctly, and consider that kind of repair has the best scheme from goods one and economy. Say on tools from repairing, maximum, minimum dimension and products type that the limitation repaired lies in the bearing. Repairing the range limits the size that can repair the bearing too, but no matter who primitive manufacturers are, all bearings of the type can repair, including taper roll sub bearing, transfer heart, roll sub bearing, the intersection of cylinder and bearing, ball bearing, stop bearing, roll sub bearing,etc. alternately.

4.The bearing repairs the craft method

After repairing one and reaching and repairing the centre, all bearings will pass thorough washing, then disintegrate and repairing the engineer will record bearing information and real internal backlash at the same time, and finish disintegrating and marking the only recognition number, then, will do the detailed inspection to all bearing assemblies. Will confirm that repairs the scheme after checking and finishing synthetically. In addition, should measure indexes such as internal and external foot-paths and bearing width,etc. while repairing in an all-round way, judge repairing and appropriate repair scheme that damaging type and intensity can decide the bearing.

Different trades and service condition require different bearings to repair and serve, Temkin Company has seven kinds of different kinds of bearings to repair the scheme and serve the customers of various kinds, in order to realize the reliable bearing is repaired, but generally, the bearing is repaired and served and is divided into the following three. 1 Repair the type. Directed primarily to the new bearing or damage the smaller bearing, include washing measuring, overall treatment, backlash that assess, damage slightly to presume and change etc.. 2 Repair type Ⅱ. Directed primarily to the bearing that is damaged in short time while using, 3 Repair the type. Directed primarily to the bearing of all kinds of damage needing to repair in an all-round way, a tired storey removes, rolls the body to change including washing and measuring, assessing, disintegrating, rolling overallly,

Keep shelf processing or changing, backlash temple and changing,etc..

In brief, repair the type: Test, washing, appraising. Repair type Ⅱ: Safeguard and maintain or finish grind and repair the craft on the surface. It needs to repair the type to damage the bigger bearing, namely the repair craft that makes again. The repair of rank include more craft, such as rub, roll dishes of surface, change, roll the body and keep a assembly again, even change more bearing parts. It is suitable for the larger bearing in principle to repair the type. The bearing size if has batch and can also be paid and repaired more than the small small bearing often scrapping. The washing, detection and surface can make these bearings used return to finish grind to the service ability of the new product, and the expenses change a small part of the cost of new product.

And damage the procedure according to the on-the-spot condition, some repair can be carried on at the scene, but repair and suitable for safeguarding maintaining recovery live, is not suitable for making and repairing again.

After repairing the scheme to confirm and repair and finish, the bearing will be held and packed in order to keep and transport again. Usually, will examine the equipment standard while coming to assurance to design after all after repairing. Different suppliers carry out inspection and packaging of different ranks.

5,Result that the bearing repairs

The bearing performance after repairing correctly is the same as new bearing. Several precision parameters such as its backlash can all meet the requirement of new bearing, the more important thing is to know how and distinguish and damage the intensity to be chosen the correct repair scheme. If the surface is finished grind can remove certain decreasing doing to deal with slightly, but unable to remove real tired layer, it is unable to remove the sunken or abrasion caused by chip. So, if only finish grind on the surface the bearing, it is generally unsuitable to damage the serious bearing. And if repair the craft through overall manufacture, then tired layer of the bearing is removed completely, and it needs to change in an all-round way to roll the body, keeping shelf,etc. needs to put in order in an all-round way, in this way the bearing can well meet requirements for performance of the new bearing.

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