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Reason and countermeasure causing the bearing to be damaged

28th February 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Rolling bearing, if have not chosen the mistake to use correctly, before the bearing life-span that would get, can use for a very long time, in this case, damage the state in order to strip. On the other hand, still intentionally the damage ahead of time outside, but does not stand the damage in early days that uses, as the reason that should damage in early days, ones that considered on using and frightening lubricating are not enough, and then there is foreign matter that is invaded, the deflections of error and axle that the bearing is assembled are great, study on axle and bearing case is not enough, etc. We can say, these situations with each other coincident reason are many. So, should fully understand the machine that the bearing is being used, service condition, the periphery of the bearing has the structure to get on the foundation, if can clarify the state before and after the accident happens, and then combine damage situation and many kinds of reasons of the bearing to investigate, can prevent the recuring of similar accident.

Damage the state Reason Measure
When bearing bear again load rotate, inner circle, outer lane roll dishes of surface or roll honourable roll tired appearing the intersection of stripping and phenomenon of fish scale. The load is too big.
Install badly ‘ Not sharply
Moment load
Foreign matter invades, enters water.
Lubricate badly, lubricant is improper
The backlash of the bearing is inappropriate.
The bearing case is not good in precision, the rigidity of the bearing case is uneven
The deflection of the axle is large
Get rusty, corrode some, abrasion and compression
the phenomenon out of shape of surface Development that caused. Check the loaded size and bearing which the research institute again uses
Improve and install the method
Antirust while improving the seal installation, shutting down.
Use lubricant of the appropriate viscosity, improve the lubricated method.
Check the precision of axle and bearing case.
Check the backlash.

The card is wounded Damage the state Reason Measure
So-called wounded card and surface that produce damage because of small to burn summary slip the intersection of surface and wounded part that produce.
The slideway, roll the linear scar of the surface circumference direction.
Pendulum linear scar rolling in the sub terminal surface
Close to card rolling the axle ring of the sub terminal surface being wounded. Too big load, pressing in advance too big.
It is bad to lubricate.
Foreign matter is gripped into.
The slope of the outer lane of inner circle, deflection of the axle.
The precision of the axle, bearing case is bad. Check the loaded size.
It should be appropriate to press in advance.
Improve lubricant and lubricated method.
Check the precision of the axle, bearing case.

Abrasion Damage the state Reason Measure
So-called abrasion, roll one more surface with rolling to discuss face to face, have until roll skid and the intersection of oil film and heat split small summary that burn that produce and surface that take place damage. It is coarse to produce adhesive surface. Light load of the high speed
Urgent to add moderating
Lubricant is inappropriate.
Invasion of water Improving and pressing in advance
Improve the backlash of the bearing
Use oil film good lubricant
Improve the lubricated method
Improve the seal installation

Fracture Damage the state Reason Measure
Rupture, mean until dishes of wheel block or roll sub some part of corner exert the happy bludgonning into or too big load and a low part ruptures to roll while being so-called. Have been attacked while installing.
The load is too big.
Fall etc. and use badly. Improve the installation method adopt heat to hold, use the appropriate tool to insert .
Correct the loaded condition.
The installation implementation of the bearing, make block and is supported.

Compression Damage the state Reason Measure
Grip enter light powder metal, when the foreign matter,etc., rotate concave mark that produce on the surface or in dishes of surface of rolling.
Assaulted, formed the concave surface the hardness compression of cloth in rolling the interval of interval of the body while installing etc. . Foreign matter of metal powder,etc. is gripped into.
It is too big or transport the impact load received in the course while assembling. Assault the axle sleeve.
Improve the seal installation.
Filter the lubricating oil.
Improve assembling and operation method.

Burn Damage the state Reason Measure
Get away dishes of ship, roll the body and keep the shelf generating heat in the rotation until change color, soften, melts and applies and damaged sharply. It is bad to lubricate.
Too big a load ‘ Press too big in advance .
The rotational speed is too big.
The backlash is too little.
Invasion of water, foreign matter.
The precision of the axle, bearing case is bad, the deflection of the axle is large. Study lubricant and lubricated method.
Correct the choice of the bearing.
Research cooperates with, the bearing interval and pressing in advance.
Improve the seal installation.
Check the precision of axle and bearing case.
Improve and install the method.

Get rusty, corrode and damage the reason measure of the state
Getting rusty and corroding and rolling a wheel, rolling the hole rust in the surface of body, getting rusty and corroding in an all-round way of the bearing. Water, corrosivity material Paint, coal gas,etc. Invasion.
Lubricant is improper.
Enclose the water droplet because of coagulation of the vapor.
Stop rotating when the high temperature is wet much.
Transport the course and antirust again badly.
It is improper to keep the state.
It is improper to use. Improve the seal installation.
Study the lubricated method.
The measure of antirusting while transferring to stop.
Improve and keep the method.
Notice while using.

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