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R1563TAV cylinder get away sub bearing needle bearing HXD bearing

25th August 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Bearing type: R1563TAV

Changzhou great XingDa bearing Co., Ltd. has superior production equipment, complete checkout equipment, guarantee the accuracy of every kind of product, 1000 multi-type products employ and the domestic and foreign motorcycle extensively, it help motor car, electronically /pneumatic for tool, light and textile industries, printing industry, lathe, engineering machinery, car, office equipment.
The company is a professional factory producing various needle bearings, its main variety includes:
Press the needle bearing of the outer lane (HK, BK, TLA, F, FY, B, BH, BA, SCE, TA)
Press the unidirectional bearing of the outer lane, (HF, HFL, RC, RCB, EWC)
Supply the level thrust needle bearing (AXK, AS, LS, WS, ZS, TRA, TRB, TRC, TRD, K811K812, AXW
Bearing of one set of circles of entity (NA, NK, NKI, NAV, NAO, HJ, BR, BRI) ,
It roll needle it and not keep sets of assembly(K, KT, KBK, KZK, K,ZW) ,
Bearing of the gyro wheel (CF, KR, CR, NUTR, NATR, RNA22. . . 2RS, STO, NUKR) ,
Make the bearing (NKIA, NKIB, NKX, NKXR, SL up
Clutch of the cam (CSK, KK, BB, NFS, ASNU, TSS, DC)
Set (LR, IR, LRB inside

Straight line bearing (KH)

Three major car bearings.

First; The bearing of car of Peugeot: 206 of Peugeot bearing DB70216, NE70214,5132.72, 5131.A6, Peugeot bearing DBf68933 405, NE68934, 5131.48, 5131.49,

It make Peugeot repair KS55900.KS55902.KS55901.KS 55907. KS55908.KS510001.KS510002.KS 510004.KS510007.KS510008.KS510014.

Second; Renaud’s car bearing: KIT040.KIT041.KIT042,etc. and other types


Third, truck bearing.

The above three major car bearings are that our factories produce the products throughout the year. Technology is ripe, craft precise Zambia. And we are also developing and using the car constantly, the bearings and repairs of other types on cars such as the truck, the motorcycle,etc. are being chartered. All enjoy very high reputation at home and abroad. Welcome the masses of customers to negotiate

The name of product: R1563TAV cylinder roll sub bearing, needle bearing, the intersection of HXD and the intersection of bearing and new type: R1563TAV old type: -Internal diameter: 35.5600( mm) External diameter: 57.1500( mm) Thickness: 17.7800( mm) Weight: 0.000( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Engineering machinery Type: Needle bearing

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