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Question that should be considered at the time of the composite design of the antifriction bearing

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Composite design of the antifriction bearing
Fixing of a bearing
At type that confirm been bearinged and after type,must association constructional design to carry on antifriction bearing ^s accurate, could guarantee the normal operation of the bearing.
The association constructional design of the bearing includes:
1The line shafting supports the end structure;
2The bearing cooperates with relevant part one;
3Lubrication and sealing of the bearing;
4Improve the rigidity of the bearing system.
1. Both ends are fixed both ends are unidirectional and fixed
Ordinary minor axis under the operating temperature ‘ Spacing L <400mm,?????????????,???????????????????,?????????????,????????????0.25mm-0.4mm????,????????,???????????????
Characteristic: Limit the bidirectionary movement of the axle. Suitable for the axle that the operating temperature does not change much.
Attention: Consider being heated and extending, the bearing cap, with leaving and compensating the interval c, c between the exterior edge faces =0.2~0.3mm.
2. One end is two-way and fixed and moving about on one end
As the axle is longer or great of operating temperature, the thermal expansion shrinkage of the axle is relatively great, the fulcrum structure that should adopt one end two-wayly and fixed, one end moves about, such as the picture.
The attachment end is born two-way axial force by single bearings or bearing groups, but move about in the end to guarantee that can move about freely when the axle is flexible. In order to avoid loosening, moving about in the inner circle of bearing should be done with the axle axially fixedlyoften adopt the elastic retaining ring . While making and moving about the fulcrum with the cylindrical roller bearing, the bearing outer lane should be done with the carcass axially fixedly, and moving about to guarantee the freedom of the axle is flexible among the collars by the roller.
Characteristic: A fulcrum is two-way and fixed, another fulcrum moves about axially.
The fulcrum as moving about of ball bearing of major groove, bearing outer lane and end cap leave the interval.
Cylindrical the intersection of roller and bearing, as move about fulcrum, the intersection of bearing and outer lane should two-way and fixed.
Applicable: Than greatly major axis of temperature variation.
Combined adjustment of 2 bearings
1.Interstitial adjustment of the bearing
Regulating method: 1 Bearing cap and shim thickness of the carcass are adjusted;
2 Adjust the movement of the bearing outer lane gland with the screw.
2.Preloading of bearing
Purpose: Improve precision, rigidity, reduce and shake.
While installing to make according to the pretightening force requirement for the bearing to keep certain axial force in the bearing, thus guarantee certain backlash,
3.The bearing makes the adjustment of the position up
Enable part on axle ‘ Gear, wheeled,etc. Have accurate working positions.
3. Cooperation of the antifriction bearing
The inner ring hole of the bearing and cooperation of the axle adopt the basic hole system;
Bearing outer lane and cooperation of the bearing seat hole adopt the basic shaft system.
4. Antifriction bearing detachable
The conventional projected life of l antifriction bearing is inconsistent with complete machine, needs changing many times in the course of using, need to dismantle the bearing too when with having parting which assembles the relation that is damaged between the bearings, should make it transmit through rolling element not to dismantle strength dismantle bearing, so as not to bring about plastic deformation in rolling element.
Dismantle the antifriction bearing and usually use the specialized tool, design the structural formula of the line shafting to leave having as the space enough for the use of the tool, these data can be found in the antifriction bearing manual.

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