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Question of attention that the detachable bearing answers hour

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1Shi Li’s resultant of forces, through the shaft axis of the bearing as much as possible, this requires point of application to be even and symmetrical and steady, or is parallel to the application of force of shaft axis through the sphere.
3Avoid through the application of force of rolling element, this requires detachable inner circle dust seal When pass inner circle application of force,it is detachable outer lane hour Pass the application of force of outer lane.
4Tow strength to sustain as to there should be, for example stop the application of force when want in the bearing is just put into the correct position while installing the bearing, guarantee the collar the gasket End last shoulder end against seat hole, be crowded getting more urgent too neither, can’t hold uncompletely.
2Shi Li’s magnitude should be steady and even, unsuitable to assault, this demands to adopt the oil pressure or by exerting the steady pulling force or tool of the pressure, have, adopt hammer, really, want metal of bits buffer without being fall through soft copper sleeve,etc. too, it is light and slow to beat strength as much as possible. Preferably use the copper bar or “painted-face” character in opera to hammer.

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