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QJ206MPA bearing Shenzhen FAG type size

31st March 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Dear customer hello, Foshan hundred axle American department bearing limited company staff welcome the presence of you!
Very honoured to recommend and answer FAG bearing for you, FAG bearing is one of the key brand products of our company, if is there any room for doubt about you to supplying price, producer, type, size of FAG bearing, please contact us to obtain the latest information of FAG bearing.

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It is a kind of separation type bearing to contact the ball bearing at four o’clock, can be said too a set of bearings can bear the two-way and axially loaded angle and contact the ball bearing. Its inner, outer lane rolls and says it is a section of a peach type, when there is no load or pure radial load to act oning, steel ball presents with one set of circles to keep in touch at four o’clock, this is an origin of this name too.

When only purely axial load is applied, steel ball and one set of circles become two o’clock and keep in touch, can bear the two-way axial load. Exposed to ball bearing, can also bear the intersection of moment and load four o’clock, have concurrently uniline horn to exposed to ball bearing until pair list horn, exposed to function of ball bearing. Contact the ball bearing and only form and guarantee the normal work while contacting at two o’clock at four o’clock. Generally suitable for those purely axial loads or the axial synthetic load large in loads and present the occasion contacted at two o’clock, exposed to the ball bearing terminal rotational speed high at four o’clock, those suitable high-speed occasions of operating.

Contacting the ball bearing at four o’clock belongs to a kind of radial uniline angle to contact the ball bearing, it is loaded axially that it is used for supporting to act on two directions that the ones that design roll and say. It is axially loaded several one radial loads to be exposed to the ball bearing and can be born highest at four o’clock. Contact ball bearing and pair and list the bearing to compare at four o’clock, reduction that the axial space taken up will be prominent.
The contact angle that SKF designed by QJ 連絡先 the ball bearing at four o’clock is spent for 35 degrees or 45. The inner circle is pieced together and shut the inner circle. In this way can allow, pack to roll ball more quantity into in bearing, so can pay bearing relatively high loaded endurance. This kind of SKF 連絡先 the ball bearing to design for being seperated at four o’clock, namely take the roller ball and keep an outer lane of assembly can be installed with two inner circle half rings respectivelied.
Exposed to the inner circle (or outer lane) of the ball bearing at four o’clock Accurate and assorted by two semi circles, and its whole periphery (or inner circle) Ditch camber radius neither getting less very nor at four ” click ” to make by steel ball and inner, outer lane Have and keep in touch, the axial load of two directions that so not only strengthen the load ability of the radial but also can bear greatly with the compact size at the same time, and have ability of axial limit location of two very good directions, this is because its axial backlash is relatively smaller, and its contact angle (generally fetch for 35 degrees) Greater reason.
The permission exposed to the ball bearing at three, four o’clock is very tall too in rotational speed, and it is very stable to operate, dual semi circles of it can be taken down from a whole set of bearing to pay installing separately, so contact the ball bearing to spend on the engine more at four o’clock, because it can bear very great radial load and axial load under higher rotational speed.

Can it 連絡先 ball bearings to be structure of separating etc. four o’clock, single bearing can replace positive to make up and corner that the back makes up contact the ball bearing.
Can bear radial load, two-way axial load, can limit the axial displacement of two directions, until pair of specification list horn exposed to the intersection of ball and axial space that ball bearing take to be little now.
Contact the ball bearing and compare with other ball bearings at four o’clock, when the backlash of radial is the same, the axial backlash is relatively little, the terminal rotational speed is relatively high.
Exposed to the ball bearing and suitable for bearing the purely axial load or axial, radial relying mainly on axial load and uniting load at four o’clock. Because is half an inner circle of pair (or outer lane) ,Hold the ball quantity and increase, have greater bearing capacity.
Under the normal working state, when this kind of bearing bears the axial load of any direction, all it can form contact each on horn,steel ball with inside, outside roll there aren’t line, avoid great sliding friction takes place in the contacting area. So, the bearing is unsuitable to bear and regard radial strength as the load of advocating peace.
The name of product: QJ206-MPA bearing Shenzhen FAG type size New type: The old type of QJ206-MPA bearing: QJ206-MPA bearing internal diameter: 30( mm) External diameter: 62( mm) Thickness: 16( mm) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Internal-combustion engine, water pump Type: The angle 連絡先 the ball bearing

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