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Produce and support high-temperature bearing of every temperature grade

28th November 2014 Bearing products 0 Comments

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region high-temperature bearing group’s Chairman and concurrently general manager senior engineer Tang YongJian of the north in China, the invention creates the high-temperature bearing, having filled in the scientific and technological blank, the honour called outstanding expert, contemporary scientific and technological inventor, outstanding talent in China in China in the world, got progress prize in scientific and collective technology at provincial and ministerial levels of China, China Patent Right,etc.; The high-temperature bearing is written and selected for ” Chinese electronic product voluminous dictionary “, ” manual of order of forming a complete set of the Chinese electronic product “, ” whether the intersection of Chinese and electromechanical equipment bid and purchase catalogue in a complete set ” divide the intersection of roll and ” China bearing products purchase the catalogue ” country’s authoritative products guide into.

In latter stage of last century, the state specialized high-temperature bearing group of the north of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is complete for the domestic only type to produce and manage the high-tech enterprise of the high-temperature bearing in enormous quantities, the overall arrangement is in our country Shanghai, northern Beijing and southern Gui Lin in the east, the leading products are all kinds of serial high-temperature bearings of GBGWZ brands, passed ISO9001 in 2005: 2000 international quality management systems are authorized, will turn scientifically and technologically into productivity, thus will reduce the production cost of the social relevant products greatly, it is the foreign currency of a large number of energy-conserving material-saving festivals of the country, for many years, time has been favored by domestic and foreign users, its ” efficiency name ” Still incomparable. The national authority appoints as and bids and purchases unit and products.

Government, scientific and technological circle and relevant trade, the abundant affirmation that all offer, the high-temperature bearing is chosen as the ten remarkable brands of the Chinese bearing continuously, load the book end to spread and give a recommendation in a more cost-effective manner, State Science and Technology Commission, Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and CCTV sponsor the program special topic guide of ” spark science and technology “, the frequent report of a great deal of news medias, it is conveyed voluntarily that a lot of experts and users are hospitable, praise it with the great fame.

High-temperature bearing, have filled in the scientific and technological blank, obtain China Patent Right, for instance, the number ZL982179537 of its patent No. 333111 of the certificate, certificate, the number ZL992528518 of its patent, the number ZL200720079425.1 of its patent No. 1054102 of the certificate No. 394162,etc..

First, divided into three major kinds according to the material: T big class steel, TC big class steel pottery quality and ceramic quality of C big class.

Second, have eight grades according to the high temperature resistant intensity: 200 ¡æ of ET grade, D (S) 300 ¡æ of T grade, I (X) 400 ¡æ of T grade, W (F) T grade 500 ¡æ, CT grade 600 ¡æ, QT grade 700 ¡æ, BT grade 800 ¡æ( Intensity HB400) , 800- 1400 ¡æ of C grade>.

The name of product: Produce and support high-temperature bearing of every temperature grade New type: DT6318A old type: LT6318 internal diameter: 90( mm) External diameter: 190( mm) Thickness: 43( mm) Weight: 4.92( kg) Bearing material: High-temperature bearing steel use: Common Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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