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Principle and material of packaging of analysis – bearing

30th January 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Bearing pack packaging and external packing of one’s job.
The bearing is in manufacture and after being qualified through examining, namely wash and antirust and deal with, pack put into again, in order to achieve waterproof dampproof dustproof preventing from, bludgonning into, maintaining quality and precision of bearing and helping use and purposing that selling.
Pack in the bearing according to antirusting one is divided into three kinds:
It is rustproof issues of packaging short: Antirust for 3- 6 months, suitable for delivering the same subscriber in enormous quantities, the bearing coming into operation in short term. Through the agreements of both sides, take it is convenient to use ng as the principle, adopt simple and easy packaging. Generally rustproof issues of packaging: Antirust for one year, is suitable for the bearing for general purposes. Long rustproof issues of packaging: Antirust for two years, is suitable for the specialized and accurate bearing.
The packing materials have polyethylene plastic tube box in the bearing Kraft paper, plain weave and compound paper of wrinkle polyethylene, carton, polyethylene or plastic membrane of polyethylene, nylon fasten bringing or plastics and work out and fasten bringing, plastics bringing, burlap bag of waterproof high strength etc.. The above-mentioned materials need to guarantee the corrosion-resistant performance test of the material is qualified.
The principle of packing the method in the bearing is required:
Miniature bearing: Every 10- 15 sets of bearings are packed into a plastic tube, every 5- 10 pieces of plastic tube are put into a carton or the bagged, roll is chartered . Medium and small-scale bearing: Wrap up the roll in many sets of bearings with polyethylene film, kraft paper for external use or compound paper of polyethylene; Many sets of bearings are packed into a plastic tube box ; The single set of bearing is packed with polyethylene film bag, fold or seal the port of the bag, pack carton into another.
Large-scale bearing:
Use the polyethylene film or compound paper form of polyethylene to pack carton into another after a set of packaging; Use the polyethylene film bag, after the single set of packaging folding bag port, pack carton into another; Single set is packed into the purpose-built plastic box; Three layers of single shroud are wrapped up in packaging tangly: Layer bring with polyethylene film inside or compound paper tape, middle level use fasten, bring, skin with waterproof to permeate the plastics, lead.
Super-huge bearing:
Three layers of single shroud are wrapped up in packaging tangly the samely ; Single times four layers are wrapped up in packaging tangly: After the above-mentioned three floors are wrapped up in packaging tangly, outermost layer twines and is wrapped up in a layer of burlap bringing.
Externally it can greater than or equal to directly on that 150mm last bearings sub taper separation,before not packing inside, outside before assembly liner polyethylene film, or the assembly separates single packaging inside, outside. Greater than or equal to interchangeable cylinder of 150mm, roll sub bearing directly externally, pack easy to knock wounded in a complete set, can generally adopt internal and external assemblies to separate single packaging.
The general material and requiring as follows of the bearing external packing:
Pair of corrugated paper case, the total weight gross weight per case Less than 25kg, case plastics for external use bale strip to tie up; Nail the board case wooden case ,The total weight per case is less than 30kg, the blue steel band of hair for external use of case is tied up; Calcium moulds the corrugated case, the total weight per case is less than 25kg, the case likes baling tapes to tie up with the plastics.
Have, when bearing products that pack pack case into, should first in liner plastic bag or plastic sheeting under case; Like having space in the case, need to fill-up with dry materials such as corrugated paper piece, paper scrap,etc..

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